Are Bulova Watches A Good Investment?

There are many watches available on the market nowadays that offer various advantages. You may have heard of the brand Bulova if you’re looking for a great watch to add to your collection. The issue of this brand’s luxury gets raised at this point.

Despite its complex designs, Bulova is not considered a luxury brand watch company. Its products, which start at $100, struggle in contrast to other firms’ high-end watches. But in the majority of its series, Bulova provides a high-quality-price relationship.

Bulova Accutron is a powerful producer with a lengthy history in the watch industry. When deciding whether you consider this brand posh or not. So, there are several factors to consider. Continue reading to learn Are Bulova Watches A Good Investment?

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Are Bulova Watches a Good Investment?

Because they last at least ten years, Bulova’s watches are a wise investment. On the collector’s market, there is a large supply and little demand, thus their value won’t rise. Bulova continues to mass-produce timepieces, much like its parent firm Citizen. Which lowers their value as collectibles.

For instance, there are only 100 Bulova watche available. They are rarer and more expensive. Despite making up a small part of Bulova’s inventory, limited edition Bulova timepieces may be worth investing in if they sell out.

Does Bulova Qualify As A Luxury watches?

Several factors contribute to defining a brand as “luxury.” Such as materials, production methods, in-house movements, and prices. All of Bulova’s series do not meet these prerequisites. It is not a luxury brand in this sense.

It can be difficult to categorize a brand as luxury. You may read my post on the subject here to learn more about what defines a “luxury” watch brand.

Since its establishment in New York in 1875, Bulova has established itself as a well-known name in the industry. Bulova has produced some dependable timepieces during its existence.

 In more detail, let’s examine Bulova watche performance in the removed categories.

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Premium Materials

Not every Bulova watch making of the same components. They are constructing in various locations and with various materials, depending on the series. It’s important to remember that Bulova timepieces are mass-produced.

The majority of luxury brands use platinum, gold, silver, diamonds, and other materials. Stainless steel using instead of these expensive materials in most Bulova series. Unlike other luxury brand, Bulova falls short due to the different materials.


A watch’s movement is its beating heart. So, having a well-crafted one can raise a model’s worth. A manufacturer’s own heart knows an “in-house movement.” In-house manufacturing means there are no outside parties involved.

Your watch’s quality can affect if it has an in-house movement. Bulova orders each of its movements from a different company abroad. Thus this is not the case.

In light of this, Bulova’s movements differ from those of other high-end watch companies. Bulova falls short of the need for a watch to consider a luxury watch, which has an in-house movement.

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Production Process

You can get some of the best-handcrafted timepieces on the market. The watch receives unmatched attention to detail thanks to this procedure. Due to their handcrafting, luxury watch companies distance themselves from competitors.

Bulova manufactures its watches in large quantities rather than by hand. Since a machine carries out the process, mass production means less attention to detail. Making the watch by hand versus using a robot program is very different.

Bulova timepieces are not produced in-house. Hong Kong manufactures a large number of the parts for the least expensive model. A mid-tier series but makes in Japan.

The components for high-end timepieces come from Switzerland.

Bulova timepiece making in the nations where component production takes place. For instance, the manufacturer in Hong Kong builds the complete budget line.

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 Why Do Bulova Watch Cost So Much?

Due to the usage of materials like sapphire crystal and stainless steel. So many Bulova watches are pricey. But Bulova has many inexpensive watches. Its premium models stand out for their fine craftsmanship. Let’s examine the factors that contribute to various Bulova watches worth.


There are many different styles of Bulova brand watches, including sporty, fashionable, and casual. A costly watch’s design is related to its price. For instance, Luxury Bulova watches are more plentiful than their casual counterparts.


For its Precisionist movement, which prioritizes accuracy, Bulova is recognized. Bulova watches, for instance, have a time fluctuation of 10 seconds. To put that into perspective, Rolex watches have a time fluctuation of -4 to +6 seconds daily.

The Bulova automatic range of watches don’t even must batteries to function. Since the company’s founding in 1875, Bulova has continued to advance its technologies. You can depend on a Bulova watch and have faith in its accuracy whether you choose one with quartz or mechanical watches movements.

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High-end Bulova like the Precisionist X has a strap made of black alligator skin. A domed Sapphire face that can withstand glare is a feature on the face of several Bulova watches. Bulova uses components that are both pleasing and useful.

For instance, a sapphire crystal watch face can endure drops and scratches. A great watch must be durable, which may be why Bulova chooses to use stainless steel. Limited-edition Bulova timepieces even come with 18k gold, demonstrating their value for craftsmanship.

 Which is better, Citizen or Bulova?

In 2007, Citizen purchased Bulova, which has been around since 1857. So, there have been many brand comparisons.

Your preference will determine which brand is superior. But these are some things I have observed: 

  • The design of a Bulova watch is superior.
  • The typical Citizen watch is more friendly, especially with the distinctive Eco-drive movement.
  • Bulova watches have a three-year warranty while Citizen watches have a five-year warranty.
  • Bulova charges lower prices.

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Some Well-Known Bulova Watches You Should Consider

Here are a few of the best Bulova watch selections you should look into right away:

Bulova Hack

One of Bulova’s top field watches is this particular model. They have a sturdy design and are quite small. It is military-inspired because it is designing during World War II. Its 38 x 47mm width and length make it a three-hand automatic watches mechanism . The setting is complete by the stainless steel case and double-domed mineral Chrystal.

Bulova Chronograph-A

This is a bright choice and a racer-inspired watch. It has five hands and pushers at the two and four o’clock positions. This watch measures 40.5mm in length, with a 200m water resistance rating. They have gorgeous color variations.

Bulova A15 Pilot

One of the brand’s large 44mm watches is the A15. The watch’s short, curving lugs make it wearable. Furthermore, the price is reasonable.

Other timepieces to look into including the Bulova Lunar Pilot and Fly-me-to-the-Moon.

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Is genuine gold used by Bulova Accutron?

Bulova is famous for producing timepieces of good quality watches and value at competitive. In a little-known fact, this watch brand produced the world’s first 24-karat gold wristwatch.

When Bulova says that their watches are making of real gold, many people may believe them. The corporation has not yet disclosed the source of the gold, but you can verify its legitimacy.

Metal content and gold rating determine a timepiece’s final cost and value, as with any gold item.


Are Bulova Watches A Good Investment that sells both affordable and pricey timepieces? High-end Bulova watches cost extra since. They come with pricey materials like diamonds and stainless steel. 

They manufacture timepieces with both accurate quartz and automatic mechanisms. Their series of automatic movement watches’ key selling point. That they run without a battery. Unfortunately, there are so many of them that most Bulova watches won’t increase in value over time.

But, Bulova does create many limited edition timepieces that might someday value. Bulova is an excellent watch brand because it serves premium collectors and consumers. Who needs a utilitarian watch?

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Will the value of Bulova timepieces rise?

Unfortunately, there are so many of them that most Bulova watches won’t increase in value over time. Yet, Bulova does create many limited edition timepieces that might someday value.

Is Bulova a reputable company?

Yes, it has a lot of respect. It has built many fine watches that have had an impact on the industry for more than 140 years.

Do Bulova timepieces have any value?

They are still holding their value right now. They maintain their value. Since they are a reputable brand, some of their vintage items are worth more. Because they are no longer producing.

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