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Are Diesel Watches Good Quality?

Are Diesel Watches Good Quality


If we talk about fashion, the Diesel brand is not strange. The brand was founded in1978. Renzo Ross Diesel from Italy launched the brand. The incredible style and high-quality products of the brand stand it out if they achieved international fame. Along with the watch pieces, the style sense of the brand also appears in accessories, footwear, and clothing. 

In the watch industry, Diesel is a renowned brand under Fossil Group Inc. The brand mainly caters to the younger market. Having a unique and creative design Diesel watch brand is famous for exuding personality. 

In watch design, Diesel watches follow fashion trends and integrate the esthetics of unique styles. Diesel brands love to incorporate the urban culture in watches and other products. This urban culture style is the reason to attract watch lovers to the brand. Diesel doesn’t follow the trend but always moves ahead for a unique style. Their appealing and unique style is the attraction of buyers around the world.

Following the innovations and latest technology, they are unique and classic at the same time. The Diesel watches can suit the taste of watch enthusiasts.Watch design is the primary factor while purchasing the watch, the quality of the watch is another essential factor to check. 

History of Diesel brand

Founder and president of Diesel brand, Renzo Rosso, was born in Veneto, Italy. He belongs to a very hard-working family. He studied Industrial Textile Manufacturing in 1970. He produced and designed a pair of jeans when he was only 15 years old. He used the sewing machine of his mother to create these stylish jeans. He sold these jeans to his friends and also wore them himself. 

He started studying economics in 1973 at the University of Venice. He dropped out later and started working at Moltex as production manager. Moltex was a famous clothing brand in Italy, and they used to produce trousers for other clothing brands. Rosso successfully showed his skills, and within two years, he increased the production, and Moltex multiplied. 

The head of Mltex’s parent company, Goldschmied, offered to show a new joint company; this is how Diesel started. Goldschmied also offered him the 40% stake because he wants Rosso to stay with them. He decided to establish his own business and left Moltex. 

Rosso and Goldschmied together decided on the name Diesel. They chose this name because diesel oil was rising as an alternative to fuel at that time. The name was with the aim that Diesel would be the alternative to the other top clothing brand. 

The fashion industry is not confined to the borders; instead, it appears on a global scale. The name Diesel also communicates the globalization of the fashion industry. The lifestyle of the people affects the fashion industry. By 2013, around 2000 kinds of denim were produced by the company. They also sold 100 million pairs of jeans since the company was inaugurated.

Diesel Watch Collections

A variety of Diesel smartwatches are available if you check their website. Their smartwatches are further classified into several categories like Fadelite Smartwatches and Axial Smartwatches. 

In the different collections, they have several different watches. 

Diesel Classic Watches


Both digital and analog watches are available in the Classic watch category. Chopped Digital silicone watch with a silicone strap is the most straightforward style of Diesel classic watches. The silicon watch strap contains a logo pressed. The silicon classic watch comes in various colors and a futuristic design. You can choose the one matching your chic outfit.  

Mr. Daddy 2.0 Multifunction Red Silicone Watch is a beautifully designed, extremely excellent watch with a robust design. It contains a red silicone strap, and a logo etched on it, a sleek black dial, and a multifunctional movement. 

Diesel Smartwatches


Diesel always steps into the market with new technology, trend, and innovation in the watch pieces. The smartwatch collection from the Diesel watch brand comes in two categories, Fadelite Smartwatches, and Axial Smartwatches. 

The Axial watches are tough and rugged in appearance. These watches are designed for the masculine market. The style and the features of these watches are unique. On the other hand, the Fadelite smartwatches have a slicker appearance. The Fadelite smartwatches watches are designed to be worn by men and women both.

The Axial Smartwatch is an excellent combination of Fossil’s watch technology and Diesel’s denim roots. The stainless steel case and bold blue denim strap make the Axial Smartwatch more elegant. This beautifully designed watch is also excellent in functionality. It is also capable of tracking the wearer’s heartbeat. You can use the Axial Smartwatch with iPhone and Android. 

The watch is waterproof and also has a built-in feature for tracking distance. You can manage the calendar with the watch, control the music, and also use a speaker for calls from your iPhone or Android phone.  

The Fadelite Smartwatch features a 44mm touchscreen. The screen size is smaller as compared to other 48mm chunky axial smartwatches. The watch is available in 4 different colorways. It increases the unisex of the Fadelite Watch. It contains a nylon case and TPU strap. Fadelite Watch is powered by Google’s Wear OS. This watch is also compatible with android phones and iPhones. The features of the Fadelite Watch are similar to the axial smartwatch. 

Diesel Brand prominence

The Diesel brand is well known for its unique style. They cater to the younger generation in their designs. The designers have in-depth knowledge of urban trends. Their strategies target a vast audience from different backgrounds, tastes, and cultures. The Diesel watch comes in simple, modern, and classic designs. They always keep customer’s preferences into consideration. The diesel always stays on the top of the smartwatches model and technological trends and advancements.    

Well, a few collections like Fadelite smartwatches design are gender-neutral. Diesel timepieces are equally worth wearing for both males and females. But, mainly, they focus on the male customer base. 

Are Diesel Watches Good Quality

Undoubtedly, Diesel is a popular name in the watch and fashion industry.The Diesel brand is easily recognizable as a watch brand worldwide. The brand is not only famous in Italy but also in the US and all around the world. Not only the watches, but they are also producing fashion products worldwide. 

Diesel watch is not for you if you are concerned with the brand’s history, watch functions, and mechanics.  Well, Diesel is the name of quality and style. Diesel watches are more affordable than other famous watch brands. The reliable timepieces of the brand last long.

Diesel is much the same as other brands like Gucci, Guess, and Armani. These brands mainly dealt with the clothing and branched off the watches to enhance the product range. 

Fossil has been in the watch market since 1984, the time when in the market of fashionable watches Tom Kartsotis stepped in. To date, the value of the brand is still on the top in the fashion industry. The brand and its group of companies continue to raise a nostalgic vibe and sell licensed watches. They sell licensed watches for famous brands like Diesel, Michele, Skagen, and Michael Kors watches. Diesel brand is under Fossil group, and it is one of its significant advantages.

Diesel always keeps the new trends from the fashion industry and latest technology and eye-catching and unique designs. They focus on smartwatch technology to meet their customer’s expectations. 



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