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Difference Between Automatic And Mechanical Watches

Difference Between Automatic And Mechanical Watches

Difference Between Automatic And Mechanical Watches

Automatic and mechanical watches: let’s find out the difference between them and which is the best for you. Today’s sold Mechanical watches feature automatic movement. Just regular wear is all they need to keep them running. Today, all luxury watches are automatic. The technology was introduced earlier. 

An automatic watch


A watch that winds by itself or automatically is referred to as an automatic watch. They need energy to work, which comes from somewhere. The movements of the wearer provide energy to the automatic watch. The first automatic watches were introduced in the 18th century. Until the 20th century, they remained a niche product, until the arrival of the wristwatch. Then finally, with the advancement of technology, the time for automatic winding technology has come. 

The rotor is part of every automatic watch. The rotor is made up of heavy materials like platinum, gold, and tungsten. The rotor swings with the movement of the arm through the wearer. It sets thy gears and winds the spring. You can see the process in real-time, for this just flip over the watch if its back is a glass case. 

Can we wind our automatic watch manually? 

Every automatic watch doesn’t have the option for manual winding. If the watch stops, its gear starts turning again if you give it a shake. Even some of the modern watches could also be wound manually. It is helpful especially if you are not wearing the watch frequently and moving it often.

It is the best practice to regularly wind your automatic watch. It also depends on the movement whether you could do it or not. There is no generic answer to this question. You get this information with the user manual by the manufacturer. But generally, the less often you wind your automatic watch by hand, the components wear down slowly. 

Advantages and Drawbacks of Automatic Watches 

  • You don’t need to wind up the watch beforehand. Just buy the automatic watch and put it on. Most people love to buy automatic watches because of this convenience.
  • There’s a huge variety of automatic watches available in the market. The variety in mechanical watches is less, comparatively.
  • The mechanical watches are thicker and heavier. Their weight is due to the rotor because it’s the weighted rotor. It may be a negative aspect for some people but not for a few others.
  • Transparent case back is preferred by the people who love to watch the gears. The rotor is a little bit barrier as it hides a small part of the movement.

Hand Winding Mechanical watch

Hand Winding Mechanical watch

A hand-winding mechanical watch is also known as a manual wind watch. For its inner movement, it uses a wearer. The crown winds the watch in a single direction that powers the watch and also winds the innerspring.  A mechanical watch doesn’t use a battery or solar power.  It’s made up of hundreds of small components that work together. The mechanical parts of the watch track the time and supply power.

Pros and cons of Hand Winding Mechanical watch

  • A mechanical watch comes with a transparent case back and is best for those who love to watch the micromechanical components and their movement. A transparent case back is a plus for those who are interested in micro-mechanics.
  • These watches are lightweight and thinner because the weighted motor is not present in mechanical watches.
  • The transparent cover back is a little tedious for those who wear a watch just to tell time and are not interested in the internal movement of micro components.
  • The crown’s seal can wear prematurely because the crown turns constantly to wound the spring. It doesn’t happen in automatic watches, as it winds automatically through the rotor.

Difference between automatic and mechanical watches

A tightly wound spring powers all mechanical watches. The spring is also referred to as the mainspring. Winding is compulsory for mechanical watches for them to work. A crown or winding key is used for winding.  There’s no rotor in the Mechanical watch and you need to wound it manually to keep it working. A rotor is there on the automatic watch so that you are able to move your wrist, rotor winds, and spins by tightening the spring the watch back up again.

Automatic VS mechanical watch durability

Good quality always gives a great experience. It makes no sense to buy something not worthy of the money spent. Watch lovers need to be an expert, especially if the durability of the watch is concerned. 

A product is durable if it lasts long without any damage. Well, you cannot evaluate the quality f a watch at first sight. It takes months and years to find the value of the men’s or women’s wristwatch. But if we compare the durability of an automatic and mechanical watch, the automatic watch will reign victorious. 

An automatic/self-winding watch is leading because of few reasons, mentioned below: 

1- The detailed engineering and perfect craftsmanship

High-quality automatic watches are produced following detailed engineering and great efforts. A true dedication, precision and accuracy, and complete effort with the complex processes result in this advanced product, that is far better than the old ones. 

The craftsmanship of these watches differentiates them from others and helps them to stand out from other brands. Well, everyone has an option and ability to produce the best but the final product shows it all. Mechanical watches are also good in terms of durability but automatic watches are leading the race. Though the automatic watches are complex in structure, they can be lost for years managing their property of being durable. 

2- High-Quality Material

The high-quality material used in automatic watches is also the reason for the durability of automatic watches. Watch manufacturers give great importance to the durable material of an automatic watch. The manufacturers make sure to use the tested and well-proven material that lasts for a long time. The material selected withstands the shipping and manufacturing process. The good quality of the product is not negligible just for the low price. The price and quality must be in equilibrium having a secured spot.

3- Modern Technology

This is an era of technology. The modern world is using advanced technology in every field of life. There’s a great technological revolution in the watch-making industry if we look back into history. The advancement in complex mechanical watches paved the way for these modern automatic watches. 

The technology could be used in both ways to help or to destroy others. But, in watchmaking history, this modern technology is the savior. Modern watches are blessed with advanced technology and prove to be more durable as compared to old watches. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t depend on how precise and accurate a watch is, if human involvement is not the factor, definitely the watch will not last a lifetime. A few human activities also impact the durability of the watch.

Automatic vs mechanical watch reliability

Reliability simply means the product is functioning even after numerous trials. With time, you can evaluate which watch can maintain precision and accuracy for a long time. As a watch enthusiast knowledge about the reliability of automatic vs mechanical watches is necessary. it is worthy to know about the reliability, worthiness, and quality of your watch. 


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