How Good Are Bulova Watches? | Review 2022

One of the oldest watch brands in the world, Bulova was first established in 1875. Since Citizen acquired the brand in 2007, it has gained worldwide recognition as a company that can accommodate every consumer’s needs, regardless of their budget.

It almost seems that people are conditioning themselves to think that high-quality watches must be pricey, uncommon, discontinued, hard to find, or sold outside their original distribution network.

So a watch guy just pretends he isn’t interested in anything behind the glass when he enters a mall or department shop and sees rows of watches in a jeweler’s case.

These rows frequently hold Bulova watches. Their names sound like the villains from 90s B-list movies, and they have flashy designs and substantial cases.

So, How Good Are Bulova Watches? Many watch collectors appear to agree with this. Even if the Bulova brand isn’t quite upscale, it does offer some high-quality watches in its price range. They often have a price range of between $100 and $600, so both those on a budget and those pampering themselves can find something.

How Good Are Bulova Watches?

Watches made by Bulova have excellent designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and a posh appearance. Additionally, they have reasonable pricing points. Consumers and enthusiasts alike are choosing this product in greater numbers.

There are conflicting opinions when it comes to these products quality. However, wearers frequently think highly of this accessory and contrast it with Timex and Fossil. They feature a delicate design and superb production based on these two.


Many watch lovers compare the quality of Bulova watches to other low-end Japanese watches and brands like Timex and Fossil. It depends on the watch you are directly comparing it to, but some watch collectors disagree that Bulova watches are of great quality and consider them to be at most ordinary.

While opinions in the community on the quality are divided, most people believe that the watches are priced fairly.


Most watch collectors who own a Bulova watch tend to concur that the company has produced some excellent timepieces. Specifically, the Acutrim series features numerous Gemini models with ETA 2892-A2 movements.

Many Bulova owners choose the brand because of its innovative technology, such as the Precisionist movement, a quartz movement with exceptionally high accuracy renowned for its sweeping hand motion resembling automatics.

Some watch lovers, however, believe that the movements may use some refinement. Lower-priced Swiss watches frequently use the ETA 2824 movements. Some even believe that the decision to introduce a new line of watches with a Japanese Miyota automatic movement weakens rather than helps the brand.

Is Bulova an Expensive Watch?

Any of them is not considering high-end products. However, there are still two. If someone wants a vintage timepiece, they should choose the Auction series because they are the greatest choice for everyone.

However, if a customer is looking for a more contemporary watch, they may find the Precisionist series. They frequently view these two series as the top-of-the-line products in the Bulova market.

The Bulova Accutron is the most recognizable timepiece the firm has ever made, and because of the Accutron within, it is also more accurate than its Swiss automatic competitors.

Therefore, you have both possibilities on one page, whether you’re looking for high-end or other. However, be aware that we do not regard them as high-end. The majority of watches sell for between 600 and 1000 dollars. They are not of terrible quality, but neither are they expensive.

What Country Makes Bulova Watches?

The brand Bulova has its headquarters in the United States, where it was founded. Consequently, it is a prevalent misconception that the US is where watches are made. Simply said, this is false. Japan, Hong Kong, and Switzerland are the other countries that make the watches, while New York is still mostly known for product creation.

Given that the business was acquired by the Asian watch giant Citizen Watch Co., the connection to Japan is obvious. Japan’s manufacturers make most mid-priced versions like the Bulova Marine Star and the Sutton series.

Most premium Accu-Swiss line, Precisionist, and Accutron movement watches originate in Fribourg, Switzerland. The lower-end collections, including the Caravelle line, are primarily imported from Hong Kong.

Various collections of Bulova watch

Bulova has introduced several models and collections over the years that have left an impression on the watch business. Here are a few watches that are well worth your time and money.

Bulova Hack

An iconic watch with an ivory dial is the Bulova Hack. It has fashionable time markers that are ideal for formal and informal settings. Everyone who wears it will be noticed because of its distinctive design. This watch has a premium leather band and is built of stainless steel. This accessory is ideal if you want a daily watch to improve your outfit.

Marine Star

The Bulova Marine Star is well-liked by those who enjoy active lifestyles in the water and seas. It is constructed with divers-friendly features, including clocks and subdials. It is available in various designs to suit each person’s unique interests. Additionally, each is made of special components that make it vulnerable even to prolonged water contact.

Bulova Classic

For professional males, there is the Classic line. It is created with classy, stylish outfits that go well with suits and coats. This model is for you if you desire to live life in style.

Special Edition Archive Digital Computron

Bulova regularly updates its lineup in accordance with the demands of the contemporary market. They consequently produced a limited-edition digital Computron timepiece. It is constructed with a digital quartz movement suitable for casual and activewear. This model stands out from other digital watches on the market thanks to its distinctive rectangular dial.

Bulova watch vs. fossil watches

With all the advantages the brands offer, both of these companies have risen to the top of the market for mid-range watches.

Bulova watches are more suited to those who desire an accurate timepiece with a distinctive and occasionally flamboyant style. On the other hand, Fossil watches are significantly simpler and perfect for anyone searching for a timepiece that gets right to the point.

Over the years, the company has experimented with various technologies and designs, making Bulova a fantastic choice for those who aren’t afraid to think outside the box. One only needs to glance at the Bulova catalog to see the company’s experimentation.

Bulova has created many clocks that play around with hues, forms, and general aesthetics.

In addition, the corporation boasts a variety of other technologies, like the Accutron and the Precisionist, which have twice rocked the watch industry.

A very accessible brand is Fossil. This company makes functional, elegant, and reasonably priced watches.

Their biggest strength is that they are ideal for the typical watch wearer.

The same applies to their smartwatches and other wearable technology. They function just as well—if not better than the best smartwatches now available while still being affordable for the average consumer.

Invicta watches vs. Bulova watches.

Bulova is a clear alternative for individuals requiring greater brand recognition and innovative designs. However, Invicta is the brand to choose if you’re looking for a sheer class in a watch. In either case, you can be confident that your decision was sound as long as the watch on your wrist is one you feel comfortable wearing.

Invicta has created attractive watches over the years that are easily comparable to those from top-tier luxury manufacturers like Rolex and Patek Philippe.

People know Bulova watches because of their unique designs and cutting-edge technologies worldwide.

Watch snobs, and everyday wearers alike will look twice when they see you wearing a Bulova wristwatch.

Diesel vs. Bulova

Diesel watches are strong, brash statement pieces that draw attention to your wrist. Many of the timepieces they are famous for—many of which are included in today’s list—are enormous. These daringly distinctive timepieces preserve a touch of elegance in their design while daring to be a little different.

Compared to similar designer fashion companies, Diesel watches are often reasonably priced and a good value. They stick out from the rest of the group because of their massive statement watches, which I like. Overall, I’d say Diesel watches are unquestionably excellent.

Most of its watches have ridiculously weak water resistance. Their designs frequently border on the tasteless. But if you can get past those drawbacks, you’ll discover a reliable watch with remarkable accuracy that won’t break the bank. Therefore, the answer is that Bulova watches are reliable.

Luminox vs. Bulova

Tritium lume is constantly visible, and Luminox watches’ military aesthetic is among their trademarks. For the US Coast Guard, US Air Force, Navy SEALs, and numerous other international special forces and EMS teams, Luminox produces watches. Tritium is a substance with a minimal radioactive half-life of 12.3 years.

Most of its timepieces have ridiculously weak water resistance. Their designs frequently border on the garish. But if you can get past those drawbacks, you’ll discover a reliable watch with remarkable accuracy that won’t break the bank. Therefore, the answer is that Bulova watches are reliable.


So, How Good Are Bulova Watches? I believe the response is unambiguously affirmative. The most recognizable timepiece in the business is a Bulova, and they are renowned for their precision. Therefore, purchasing this item will always be a good option because it is an excellent investment. Purchase your watch right away because it will always be a worthwhile investment. As you can see, there is some debate in the community about whether Bulova watches are of great quality or not, but there is no disputing the fact that these are fine timepieces. Although Bulova uses a lot of common steel, the steel is of high grade.


Does Bulova Watch have any value?

Unfortunately, because there are so many of them, most Bulova watches won’t increase in value over time. However, Bulova creates a number of limited-edition timepieces that might be valuable someday.

Which is superior, Bulova or Seiko?

Seiko offers conventional, fashionable, practical, and innovative timepieces—all of which are products of its revolutionary thinking. The brand distinguishes out for its distinctive and vibrant designs, as well as for its elegance and precision. But in the cutthroat market, Seiko’s svelte and elegant design commands more respect than any other.

Does Bulova use real diamonds?

Yes, Bulova decorates its watches with genuine diamonds. The company is well-known and has received praise for sending one of its timepieces to the moon.

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