How Good Are Invicta Watches In 2022?

Due to their size and boldness, Invicta watches are well-liked worldwide. And for some people, like me, they have opened the door to a lifelong interest in collecting watches.

However, certain extravagant designs and dubious business tactics have led some to question the quality of the company and the timepieces it produces. Unlike some larger watch companies, Invicta uses well-known, accurate, and trustworthy Swiss or Japanese movements rather than producing their in-house movements.

Invicta makes many timepieces; some of their most well-known lines include the Russian Diver, Pro Diver, Speedway, and Subaqua. They are renowned for offering a large variety of large, bulky watches. Invicta shines in this market because of these larger watches’ cult following.

How Good Are Invicta Watches? to put it briefly. If you can locate them on sale, they frequently come in extremely distinctive designs and are rather reasonable.

How Good Are Invicta Watches?

Design and Durability

There is little doubt that Invicta creates timepieces with distinctive looks. Most of the time, the exterior is notice-worthy and appears more expensive. But even the most attractive watches are worthless if they can’t survive through the first year.

These timepieces offer reasonably high quality given their low- to mid-range price points.

Regarding durability, there isn’t anything to complain about. You receive what you pay for (in some cases, a little bit more), and you should anticipate that the watch will offer years of trouble-free use.


All Invicta watch models have stainless steel cases; occasionally (albeit infrequently), rubber or silicone bezels are used as well. It’s a choice that most watchmakers make regularly.

It’s important to note that most Invicta watches have screw-down case backs. It’s crucial, especially for those who intend to wear their watch when swimming. The same holds for screw-down crowns, which improve water resistance even further.

There are cases available in sizes ranging from 30mm (for women’s watches) to 58mm (oversized type for men).

Transparent case backs that let you wonder at the movement’s inner workings are rather common. This design feature is perhaps appealing to those who enjoy skeleton watches.


Are Invicta wristwatches of high quality? It is one of the most popular queries, so we discuss it here. The components utilized in manufacturing. The quality of them is not subpar. For instance, the base could be made of stainless steel, and the glass could be crystal. Because of this, most of the problems result in action, orientation, or manufacturing concerns. Their bands’ merchandise generally has the same caliber as the competition. You need to be cautious when you receive a colored band because there seem to be numerous problems.

It’s fascinating to notice that the company also utilizes high-quality, affordable equipment. Stainless steel is the material used in all of their products. It will hold for both the wrist casing and the watch.

Finally, you’ll like learning that a large number of components export their work to other suppliers all over the world. Due largely to the continued low cost of manufacture and assembly, it can swiftly respond to the question “Are Invicta watches good?” and offer its goods.

Movement & Accuracy

Discussions about Invicta watches’ movements have long been contentious.

Some watch specialists believe the issue is with the movements’ case construction rather than their quality. On the other hand, some contend that Invicta offers movement quality in line with their affordable rates.

Contrary to popular belief, most Invicta timepieces feature reliable movements, whether we’re talking about automatic or battery-operated (quartz) watches.

Invicta does not generate its motions. However, among other brands in the same cost range, Invicta watches typically use calibers that are outsourced from incredibly reputable manufacturers, as opposed to other brands in the same price range that use no-name movements from China.


Now let’s talk about some more crucial components: the bands. Again, a variety of bands are possible based on the watch model:

The most preferred material across all series is stainless steel. Leather is arguably the most elegant but least durable variety. It is a very strong material that can withstand abuse and works well for all circumstances.

Only genuine leather, such as rubber/silicone bands with crocodile embossing, is used on Invicta watches. All sports/outdoor collections frequently choose titanium, the most expensive kind.

Titanium bracelet-equipped Invicta watches are typically substantially more expensive. Although it is far from guaranteed with other companies, titanium variations can be bought for less than $200.


Let’s start with the watch’s dial, which is the most susceptible to damage. Invicta has three different dial window options depending on the collection and your budget:

A common option among brands in the same price range is mineral crystal. High-end sapphire crystal is thought to be the second-toughest glass after sapphire.

It is the most durable glass type because of its anti-reflective features and extreme scratch resistance. All of the top watch brands, including Omega, Rolex, and Breitling, use Flame Fusion crystal, a trademark of Invicta.

Its durability is comparable to minerals, more so than sapphire. Some claim that it is comparable to Seiko’s Hardlex crystal.

Invicta Watches Cost

Although Invicta watches frequently carry high price tags, these timepieces are not worth anywhere close to their retail prices. Their timepieces are initially set at an absurdly high selling price before being sharply lowered.

It may give the impression that the Invicta watch you are considering is of great value. After all, it’s being offered at a significant discount for a brief while. Wrong.

Although Invicta watches may be worth more than their retail price, they are never worth more. Because the watch says it is on sale, I don’t anticipate being able to purchase it and resell it for more money. It is merely a ploy by the brand to deceive you into thinking that these watches are far greater quality than they are.

Reason to purchase an Invicta watch

There are numerous benefits to purchasing an Invicta timepiece. Their timepieces are pretty expensive to start. They are so inexpensive that you would never realize it, especially if you don’t know much about watches.

Is Invicta a premium company? The short answer is no, and another benefit of working with the company is the low cost of their watches. For less than $100, you may easily find an outstanding item.

Finding a watch, you’ll like is made incredibly simple for you by their 25 collections. It is especially true considering that each watch includes between 10 and 15 pieces except the pro diver collection.

Comparison of Invicta with other brands

Invicta vs. Seiko

Choose Seiko if you want a timeless, high-quality timepiece at any price bracket. Overall, they are the more expensive watch company. They also provide good value selections for a little more money than Invicta.

But there are valid reasons to select Invicta.

Perhaps you want to experiment with a cheap mechanical while saving money for your holy grail. The price difference between a $100 Seiko 5 and a $50 Pro Diver can be significant in this situation.

You may want a good consumer watch for as little money as possible. Finally, you might simply search for the unique design that Seiko does not currently offer.

Fossil Watch vs. Invicta Watch

With their constrictive components, Fossil and Invicta contrast crucially. Since all fossil watches are produced in-house, the quality of each one is guaranteed. However, Invicta works with various outside manufacturers to construct their timepieces.

Invicta makes both quartz and automatic watches. The casings are made of stainless steel. Their dial windows come in several materials, including sapphire, mineral, and Invicta’s unique “flame fusion” mineral windows. It is marketed as a more durable mineral window.

There is a Fossil watch for every need, whether it is a quartz, an automatic, or a smartwatch. This brand uses stainless steel for their cases, the industry standard material for watch casings. Their dial windows are made of mineral crystal, another typical watch component.

Leather, silicone, or stainless steel will be used to create Fossil. Their watches won’t have much water resistance; usually, they have 30 meters of resistance. Overall, the build is decent for a low-cost fashion watch company.

Fossil wins this particular comparison since it is not only more well-known overall but also has higher durability when compared to other brands. In addition, Fossil is usually relatively affordable. On the other hand, Invicta has some distinctive designs.

With their constrictive components, Fossil and Invicta contrast crucially. Since all fossil watches are produced in-house, the quality of each one is guaranteed. However, Invicta works with various outside manufacturers to construct their timepieces.


For new watch enthusiasts, the fact that Invicta is a well-known brand with a wide selection of watches is encouraging. This corporation is no longer a family-owned enterprise because the brand has been sold and purchased numerous times.

Presently, Invicta manufactures purposefully expensive timepieces and hardly ever justifies their retail price.

Some contemporary designs are huge, excessively flashy, or just plain tacky. There are, however, a few undiscovered jewels, like the Pro Diver series, which are quite attractive and well-made. If you’re curious, How Good Are Invicta Watches? Read on. Or are Invicta timepieces reliable? This article was written with the hope that it would be useful to you.


How durable is an Invicta watch?

Invicta’s watches come with a 3-5-year warranty, which would seem fantastic on the surface. The truth is that this guarantee is among the worst in the watch business.

Can Invicta timepieces be wet?

Despite Invicta’s claims that, depending on the watch, its Pro Diver watches are “water resistant from 50 to 300 meters,” the complaint claims that all Pro Diver watches are vulnerable to leaks even in “non-marine settings.”

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