How Much Does a Bust Down Rolex Cost?

One brand immediately comes to mind when someone discusses expensive watches—Rolex. Since its founding in the early 1900s, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer has set the bar for the sector.

Although the firm is the biggest producer of Swiss-made certified chronometers, not many individuals can afford to wear a Rolex watch on their wrists. The least expensive Rolex watch will set you back at least $5,000, but it also offers watchmaking’s best design and craftsmanship.

Purchasing a Rolex is often regarded as a sign of success. Rolex, however, provides considerably more for those who can afford it. Continue to read how much does a bust down Rolex cost?

What exactly are Bust down watches?

A current word for something that has been around for a while is a “bust down watch.” Bust-down watches are, to put it simply, timepieces that are completely encrusted with diamonds. Watches that have broken down are sometimes known as “iced out” or “completely inundated.”

Although many high-end companies sell bust-down timepieces, they are not truly made by them. The phrase “bust down” refers to literally disassembling a watch to its bare essentials to gemstones and encrusted diamonds onto its many components, most notably the case,  bracelet, bezel, and dial.

How to make bust-out watches?

To complete this endeavour, great talent and superb craftsmanship are required. Busting down is made all the more amazing because it is being done to timepieces that are already precious. A highly trained diamond setter typically carries out the task, but watchmakers and jewellers are also capable of performing it. It takes a lot of confidence and cash to entrust someone else with disassembling and reassembling your “plain Jane” watch.

This article claims that the Rolex Submariner is most likely the most famous Rolex timepiece available. The Submariner has every characteristic of a Rolex and a solid foundation for a full burst. The Submariner comes in a few versions, ranging from around $10,000 to USD 16,000.

After selecting a watch, the setter will start carefully disassembling the timepiece. The parts of the watches will then need settings where the diamonds or stones would be placed. Using a specialized excavation tool, this is accomplished by drilling onto the metal components.

Depending on the watch, the setter may decide to make a distinctive bezel to swap out the original if necessary. The master craftsman will piece the bejewelled watch together after all the stones have been set.

Although it may appear to be simple work, each setting and diamond must be placed by hand. Anywhere from 30 to 40 diamonds, or even 50 if appropriate, can be found on a single bust-down Rolex.

A Rolex that has been broken down typically has a higher value than it did in its unbroken state. The kind and quantity of diamonds and/or stones in place determine how much the value increases.

How Much Does a Bust Down Rolex Cost?

A broken-down Rolex can cost anything from thousands to millions of dollars. You may anticipate that an iced-out Rolex will be expensive, given that plain Jane Rolexes already cost north of $5,000.

For instance, the price of this particular pre-owned Rolex has surged to USD 57,000 due to the addition of 17.25 carats of diamonds. The majority of pricing will fall between $20,000 and far over a few hundred thousand dollars.

How is Bust down timepieces made?

The watch is painstakingly disassembled first. Each piece is then completely burrowed in accordance with its measurement using a specially made metal digging tool. The setting is what it is called. The components are cleaned and then fastened with diamonds after the surrounding has been constructed.

The diamonds won’t fall out because they’ll be packed tightly and securely. Be aware that a bezel may occasionally be created from scratch. The bezel is cast in the preferred metal using computer-aided design (CAD) and a wax mound. Then, generally, it is set with jewels. Only skilled diamond setters are capable of completing this delicate task.

Do broken watches lose value?

Even the nicest diamonds will lose value if they are added to a timepiece as aftermarket additions. However, if the watch is a high-end showcase and you intend to sell it later, this is really important. Nearly all broken-down watches use several tiny scale diamonds over one carat.

Rocks under one carat do not have significant market order. The intrinsic value won’t increase either. Therefore, if you intend to resell the wristwatch, do not overstuff it with aftermarket diamonds (especially if it is one of those rare, coveted, and limited-production watches). However, it only matters if you’re worried about the resale price.

Is Bust Down Rolex Available In Replicas?

Although replicas of Bust down Rolexes are lovely items, consumers should constantly be looking for fakes. There is a huge market for Rolex clones, and it’s simple to mistake one for the real thing, especially if it’s covered in diamonds.

Buying from a reputed jeweller is one of the greatest ways to prevent getting an imitation Rolex that has been broken down. Certification of authenticity should be included with a genuine broken-down Rolex.

The other strategy is purchasing a regular Rolex and then a bust-down Rolex. Once you have the watch of your choice, you can see a skilled watchmaker have your Bust down Rolex customized.

You can be completely certain that the watch and the stones are real if you do this. Suppose you prefer to purchase a used timepiece, confirming that the vendor has the original documentation would be beneficial. If not, it would be preferable for you to look elsewhere.

Does Rolex use real diamonds?

To ensure its authenticity, every single diamond is tested separately. The quality of the diamonds used to ice out the Rolex Date is good. Only diamonds with a clarity of at least IF are used. Only those whose colours fall between D and G are utilized. The diamonds in Rolex watches are set by their jeweler merchants.

The oyster eternal is a budget-friendly Rolex replica that costs just a little more than $5,000. It’s important to understand that this is the watch’s starting price.

Are Rolex watches a wise purchase?

Some of the most expensive Rolex watches sold in the last five years have unbelievable prices. Especially when you consider the original purchase cost, some collectors focused on buying expensive, unusual Rolexes that they could subsequently resell for a substantial profit.

Although most modern Rolex models won’t likely increase in value by the same amount in 50 years, they still have high resale value. A used Rolex watch with its original packaging and papers costs relatively little more than when it was first sold.

It is evident from list of the priciest Rolex watches that four elements influence value and speculative activity:

  • The watch’s design is unique.
  • the renown of its former owner
  • the calibre of its components
  • the general state of the watch

The cost of Rolex watches may have climbed over the previous several years to casual onlookers. You may have heard that in the late 1950s, the first Submariners didn’t cost more than $200. Rolex has managed to keep the cost of its timepieces largely stable.


What causes Rolex to malfunction?

If you’ve tried twisting your Rolex and it’s still not working properly, you may have a broken internal piece or loose spring. When spinning the crown, you might not feel any tightness, which could mean that the important spring is loose and needs to be secured by an experienced jeweller dealer.

Do broken timepieces still have value?

You are not sacrificing any value when you purchase used Bust Down Watches. If there is a buyer, you may resale it for that amount or even more. There won’t have been a change in the demand for the watch. Purchasing a collector’s watch and then having it customized is very different.

Do Bust down watches function?

It will function flawlessly if a qualified diamond setter completes the process. Your timepiece’s waterproofness and timekeeping capabilities should remain the same if everything is done correctly. At Diamond Bayou, all busted flooded AP watches work flawlessly. Their custom aftermarket will not affect how the clock functions.


While Rolex watches do keep their worth well, some watches are more likely to be appreciated than others, provided you preserve them from needless wear and tear.

There aren’t many items under $10,000 that have the same significance and status as a Rolex. In the business sector and outside, it has a reputation for being a status symbol, but that reputation is ambivalent.

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How Much Does a Bust Down Rolex Cost?

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