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How to change the date on Michele watch

How to change the date on Michele watch? Let’s have a look…

In the past few years, Michele watches are trendy among watch lovers. Michele watches got the short boom and have become the favorite style in the fashion industry. Michele is one of the leading watch brands these days. The diamonds etched on the Michele watches are natural gemstones. These stones are sourced from various regions and add an elegant look to the eyes. This premium watch lover is the primary attention of many watch lovers around the world.

A Michele watch is stunning in its looks and perfectly magnificent and built with excellent craftsmanship. The design and form of the watches show their perfection. Michele brand a trusted, high-quality, and elegant timepiece of the era.

History of Michele Watches

Michele watch history is short compared to the Swiss watchmakers, and these are hundreds of years old. Maurice Barouh, a Belgian watchmaker, started working on it in 1940. He used creative artistic skills and high-quality material to produce Michele watches.  

Barouh’s passion and value for high-quality watches passed to his son Jack. Jack was brilliant in identifying the fashion trends, re-interpreted the trends into his creative work, and produced a new watch design. In 1995, Jack and his wife founded the company Michele in the name of their eldest daughter, Michele. 

Michele Barouh, the company’s namesake, joined the company in 2000 as a creative director. Now, highly customizable watches are offered by Michele with huge strap and dial-up combinations. To follow the set of firm values is a must for a company whose motivation is not making money but for compassion. These set values remain apparent in the history of the brand. 

Michele Brand Reputation

Michele watches never disappoint the customers with fashionable watches. With the timeless quality, Michele watches are the fashion accessory along with the timepieces. The unique and elegant design of the watch attracts watch lovers and fusionists of different ages.  

 The highly professional team of Michele watches is working hard to provide sophisticated and elegant designs to their customers. The Michele watch is the best in quality and technique-wise. The dedication of the professionals is the same as maintaining the brand.  Long story short, Michele is a top reputed brand of the niche, but they face a few critics too. 

Reasons why Michele is growing

Fabulous design, high-quality material, luxury, style, and design perfection are the key characteristics of Michele watches. There are numerous reasons for the Michele brand’s success and growth day by day. A few of these reasons are discussed below.

High-quality material

Diamonds are the most attractive and appealing characteristic of the Michele watches. The elegant look of the watch attracts the watch lovers towards Michele watches. The watches are durable and scratch-resistant, having Tahitian styles—various rubber straps with different colors, enamel dials, mineral crystals, etc. 

The Michele watch straps are made of alligator, stingray, Patent leather, silicon, and rubber. There are a lot of strap designs featuring buckles and gold grommets.  The stainless steel bracelets come in different styles, made up of stainless steel and coated with rose gold and 18 karat gold.  

Competitive price

With all the best qualities of the niche, Michele watches are at a reasonable price. The fashionable design, diamond embodiment, Swiss-made movements, and high-quality, unique material make the watches worth the price. The Michele brand respects customers and offers products worth the price. Other so-called luxury watch brands are providing value at a very high cost. They use marketing strategies to attract customers. 

The audience thinks that if the product is expensive, it means the quality of the product is outstanding. It never questions the watchmaker, craftsmanship, and material of the watch.  The Michele brand offers a high-quality product at a reasonable price. This luxury brand never disappoints the customers. 

Customization and Interactivity

Michele offers a wide variety of straps to give various options to the followers and bring easy use of the watch. Unlike other brands, Michele doesn’t sink the budget only on marketing and attractive websites. The other brand’s website is prolonged in loading and shady in pricing. 

Most brands show the price once you have done with the watch customization, and the location to pick the watch. They mention price in the lower edge or bottom, in a tiny font. This is because the company itself is not confident about the price and the material of its offering. They think that customers buy these expensive products without even asking any questions. 

The Michele brand is very transparent in terms of price and the quality of the product. They provide the customers with high-quality material, unique design, and easy-to-use development with perfect craftsmanship. The customization area of the watch enables the use of different straps, as per choice. Michele brand’s website is highly interactive and shows every detail very clearly. Move ahead to grab the best niche product from

The company sources genuine diamonds from non-conflict areas and uses these diamonds on watches. On the back of every case, the diamond’s carat number weight is mentioned. 

How to change the date on Michele watch?

The Michele watches features high quality and precision of the quartz movement that guarantees accuracy. To have high accuracy in a Michele watch, you need to wing it. You can get familiar with the functions of your Michele watch by reading the proper instructions here. 

You can easily change the date on a Michele watch. Michele watches have different watch movements. Turn the crown counterclockwise or clockwise following the type of movement of your watch. The hour band rotates, and the date changes after every 24 hours. 

Follow the instructions while changing the date of your Michele watch:

  • The automatic date change could be carried out between 10 pm to 2 am. Make sure not to change the date between 10 pm to 2 am. Any human interference can disturb the movement of the watch.
  • Depending on the watch movement, rotate the crown clockwise or counter-clockwise and set the date. The right direction relies on the movement of the watch. 
  • Press PUSHER A/B to reset the timer hand. Set the timer to 1/10, 60 seconds hand, and 30 minutes hand. 
  • Pressing the pusher every time, advance the hand by a single unit. The hand advances rapidly if you keep the pusher pressed for 2 seconds or more. 
  • Adjust the chronograph hand to its original position before you adjust it to zero Reset. It ensures to stop the chronograph timer. 

Setting the Date of Michele watch

1- First of all, adjust the crown out to position II (the watch keeps running)

2- Start turning the crown until yesterday’s date shows.

3- Adjust the crown out to position III (it stops the watch)

4- Start turning the crown until today’s date appears

5- Start turning the crown until the correct time appears

6- Adjust the crown back to the position I. 

Setting the Michele watch’s Time

  1. Adjust the crown out to position III (it stops the watch)
  2. Start turning the crown until the correct time appears
  3. Adjust the crown back to position I.

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