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How to change the time on a Nixon watch?| Is Nixon Brand Good Quality in 2021

How to change the time on a Nixon watch?

How to change the time on a Nixon watch

Set the Nixon watch time by turning the crown clockwise. You can also set the date and day. To get the crown halfway out, push the crown and turn it clockwise to select the day. To reset your digital watch software, press all four buttons simultaneously, at least for 5 seconds. The watch will beep after every second when the watch resets. 

To change the time on your Nixon unit watch, you will have to play with it. You can do it by pressing and holding one of the watch buttons until the display starts to flash. You will move to the following field by momentarily pressing the button. Then to move to the correct time, use another button cycle. 

How to set date on Nixon watch

You will see top-notch positions on your watch. To set the time, you can pull the notch altogether. And if you want to adjust the date, pull the notch a little bit. You can turn the notch clockwise and adjust the date. Turn the notch clockwise to navigate between days and turn it counterclockwise to adjust the date number. 

Nixon Brand History

The Nixon brand was founded by Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna in 1998. The co-founder of the brand wants to give a unique lifestyle timepiece to watch lovers. It was a fresh take for non-conformists and free thinkers embedded with the premium lifestyle and exceptional quality.

The Nixon portfolio is updated after 20 years. They are leading not only in the watch niche but also in fashion. The fans of Nixon watches are around the world, and it is available in more than 90 countries. A concise but impressive history of the Nixon brand is enough to have an idea about the future vision of the brand.

The brand is clearly emphasizing and entirely focused on collaboration, style, quality, and sustainability. Nixon has won the attention of watch lovers in a very short period. This is because of the brand’s unique design, quality, and commitment that enable it to sweep the world by storm.

Nixon Style

Nixon is dominating the watch brands, managing to have its style. They collaborate with the best designers and the people the Nixon watches are meant to design for. Nixon’s brand achieved success in a concise period of time and successfully earned very few watch brands’ reputations and positions. 

To best serve the wearer, professionals from different backgrounds are involved in designing. Those include designers, athletes, and other professionals who collaborated in making Nixon a successful brand in the watch niche. Nixon always took responsibility and felt how important the conservation of natural resources was. The top-selling top 4 watches are being created with recycled plastic. To make the best use of earth resources, the brand recycles the plastic to produce the products. Nixon is playing a significant role against water pollution, and this is the first step towards the goal. 

The Nixon watch is a lifestyle product that gives an intelligent way to enjoy life. With the sporty elements, the Nixon watch is specially designed for those who love snow and surf. To wear a decent timepiece in a professional environment, Nixon produces plenty of watches with a formal look. A professional can wear it to add a glance with a unique style. Nixon also allows the customer to get a customized watch if they want. while the facility is not available in few models of Nixon timepieces 

So, by all means, the Nixon brand is the best-known watch brand to provide modern features to the wearer. You can also pick a comfortable watch to wear comfortably. At the same time, your fashion sense will not be compromised by having this elegant timepiece. We can say that Nixon products are perfectly crafted considering the ease and style of the potential customer. 

Are the Nixon watches the best?

Nixon is a high-quality lifestyle watch. The Nixon brand provides style and quality to its customers at the same time. You can compare the quality of the Nixon watch with the Fossil watch if you are familiar with the brand. 

The designer from the Nixon brand is more focused on the youth. They prefer to produce a sporty and comfortable timepiece for the youth. Digital and analog watches are available in the Nixon brand. In a few low-priced watches, you will also find the Japanese movement.

The reactions and reviews for the Nixon timepiece are quite mixed. Many customers put their views about the reliability of their watch and share how they wore it for an extended period. But it is clear that a Nixon watch is more reliable than other famous watch brands. 

Manufacturing of the Nixon Watches

There are few details about the Nixon watch manufacturing process. We can have a look in consensus to get an insight into how these brilliant timepieces made

  • It is mainly considered that the cases of Nixon watches are made in china.
  • The Swiss quartz movement is promoted in most Nixon watches, and it is important to consider that quart is being produced in the APAC region.  
  • Nixon promotes the fact that the movements are Swiss quartz in their watches, though there is a suspicion that the quartz is produced in the APAC region.
  • Most believe that the Nixon watches were assembled in Switzerland. 

Is there any warranty for a Nixon watch?

In case of a defect in craftsmanship or material, the Nixon timepiece gives the warranty t back within two years. The warranty starts on the date you purchase the Nixon watch. Your defective watch could be returned to the company if you buy it from an authorized dealer of the brand. So, the warranty is considered to be valid only with the authorized dealers of the watch. 

Some watch models also come with a different warranty period. For example, the Elite class Nixon watch comes with a lifetime warranty. While in the Elite class, the labor cost is covered within two years of the date of purchase.

That means that in case of defective material or if the watch is not assembled correctly, the replacement or repair is the brand’s responsibility. But abusing the watch and expecting the repair for free is something discouraged by the Nixon brand. 

For a warranty claim, it is quite necessary to show proof of purchase. If the owner could not show the proof of purchase, they will not qualify for repair or exchange. Nixon also avoids warranty claims if the misuse or excessive wear is there as evidence. It does not matter if the warranty period is not yet expired. 

Pros and Cons of buying a Nixon watch


  • Nixon brand design is available for every budget.
  • Mostly, the Nixon timepieces are water-resistant, except for a few models.
  • Large faces and cases are available in many models. 
  • A heavy design in most Nixon watches is available. 


  • Many top-selling designs are for left-hand wearers.
  • Your warranty is avoidable in many ways.
  • Mineral glass is used even in scratch-resistant watch designs. 


How to Program a Nixon Watch


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