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Watch Maintenance

Watches are an essential part of our lives as they guide us throughout the day.

Time is a part of life that controls everything. We plan our daily schedules dividing each task according to time. Watches help us in keeping track of our time. 

Buying and utilizing isn’t the only thing in life. Just like we maintain other things, watches too need our attention. We wear them on the part of our body that is visible to the world. ( that is the wrist) To air, dust, rain, etc. It contacts the outer world while we wear it. It gets abrasion, resistance, and many more things, resulting in scratches, damage, or even splotches. 

We wash our hands our bodies to keep them clean. The same Is the case with watches. After some time or a few months, they too need maintenance. They need cleaning as well as damage repair.

Now there are various ways to clean a watch and remove the scratches. There are multiple watches with numerous materials. Material that suits the watch best helps to clean it.


Now before you begin, try cleaning your watch first to remove dust particles or other splotches.

Now there are different ways and different materials that help to clean watches. Before Starting, learn the element of your watch, and what sort of chemicals might be helpful for it, or what kind of chemicals will harm your wash material. It is essential information for maintaining your watch. Some substances contain components like benzene which can be very harmful to metal watches. Some chemicals are very reactive and can cause skin diseases and Even after being completely removed.

Required material:

  • A soft toothbrush or a specific watch cleaning brush that has smooth bristles.
  • A cotton cloth that is adopted to apply polish or remove dust.
  • Detergent or some watch cleaning solution.
  • Container or a bowl if the straps need to be soaked.


The different stainless steel watches have different kinds of straps that various tools can open. Some are in hooks while others are attached, and some might be in a single weaved pattern. Some bracelets might need screwdrivers to unscrew them. If you don’t understand how to unhitch the bracelet, it is always wise to consult a specialist or a professional.

1. Now, take a cotton cloth and wipe the whole bracelet to remove dust particles and splotches.

2. Remove the top of the watch or the main body and all the straps in the Cleansing solution for some time. If the condition is severe, leave it for an hour, and if not, a few minutes will do.

3. Use a brush to scrub the spaces in between the bracelet. Rub frequently or from time to time for thorough cleaning.

4. Wipe it clean, and then leave it to dry. The gaps in the bracelet may still have water in them. To air dry, leave the watch on a clean towel for an hour.

5. Now, use a cotton cloth to swab in case if the watch has engraved designs. Thoroughly scrub the possibility to remove dust and clothes.


There are plenty of ways two remove scratches from a metal watch. To do this, understand the chemicals you are using, the tools, and how to use them. If not, it is always better to consult a professional or a jeweler. If your watch has designs in it or embedded with diamonds and structure, It is always best to consult a professional or a jeweler who will clean it for you to avoid loss. All watched require maintenance after a few months for good working conditions, prevent damage, and prolong working life.


1. For fine scratches, it is best to use a Jewelers cloth and a polishing cloth afterward. It gives it a finishing look and a delicate shine, almost as new.

2. For deep cuts, use Never-dull. It is a cloth dipped with a fine polish. It has a weird smell and is available in Drug stores. After applying this, find visible scratches, which a simple jeweler polish cloth can remove.

3. For scratches on larger areas, use a Styrofoam block used for fingernail polishing 3 inches in size. It has an abrasive material at the end that helps to remove minor scratches.

4. To remove scratches only visible in the light, use factory polish with a cotton cloth. Gently keep rubbing for more effective results.

5. For more general scratches, try applying metal polish. Apply a small amount on the cloth pad and thoroughly rub. Keep repeating this process until there are no scratches.

6. For crystal watches, use a buffer and professional polish.

7. If deeper scratches remain, rush to a professional cause applying more polish will only damage or fill it.


Metal is a kind, and of component, that on friction faces more damage. A thorough maintaining helps to keep damage to a minimum and prolong the product’s life. It is not about only buying and using the thing. We also have to care for them as well. Time to time maintenance leads to less maintenance overall. But it is always better to take your watch to the professionals for overall cleaning twice a year to keep it in better shape. 

The durability of stainless steel watches:

Stainless steel and titanium are the top two elements that watch are practically more durable in this era of the hustle and bustle. Stainless steel watches are considered to resist more bumps and bruises from everyday activities. Neither do these materials corrode sooner nor do they bend or dent easily, making them a perfect fit for daily life use Titanium and stainless steel watches both have a decent color and appeal for professional use.?

Stainless steel watches have more weight, and titanium watches are considered 30% less in weight than stainless steel watches. Titanium is more difficult to work with and needs more hampering. In comparison, stainless steel is easy and durable and has more resistance to bumps and bends. 

Titanium watches scratches easily with friction rather than stainless steel. It is due to the material strength. This makes titanium watches more costly, and stainless steel watches more affordable and practical per spending money.

Titanium watch metal dulls when frequently polished as compared to stainless steel watches. It has one drawback, that is, the case shape eventually changes over time by re-polishing. Stainless steel watches can be re-polished again and again over the years.

Qualities of a good stainless steel watch:

A good stainless steel watch will assist you for years before actually damaging. It doesn’t dent or bruise easily. It doesn’t require much maintenance and does not lose its color within the coming years. The bracelet joints don’t fall or snap with use.


It is best to maintain your things more. Always consult professional help and advice for maintaining your items. Learn the nature of their care and keeping it for better use. And always prefer stainless steel watches As they are more durable than titanium watches—both in price and usage.

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