Is Armitron A Good Watch In 2022?

One of the more affordable watch brands is Armitron. The issue of quality arises when discussing affordable or cheap watches. Cheaper timepieces are thought of as being of poorer quality. You get what you pay for, after all.

 Yes, this is accurate in some respects. Of course, you won’t find fine gold-plated watches with sapphire dial glass for low costs. But does this imply that cheaper watches are inferior products that will malfunction?

 This is true for some brands. Some less expensive brands do produce watches of dubious quality. What about Armitron? OR Is Armitron a good watch? Is Armitron a good brand watch? We’re here to find out the answer to that today.

We will examine their timepieces’ general design, construction quality, and pricing to determine if they are reliable brands.

Before we can give a firm response, we must examine the brand because good is a relative concept. Before judging the brand, it’s critical to look at the big picture when a line of timepieces is this priced.

Is Armitron a good watch brand?

Armitron creates timepieces for the mass market to offer various priced watches in various styles and designs.

They don’t have the best characteristics, but that’s not what you’re looking for. They’re perfect if you want a nice-looking watch that won’t break.

I’d say they are solid watches for the market that Armitron is aiming for. They’re not the kind of watches you should buy if you want a striking business, dress, or outdoor watch.

But, they are perfect if you need something to wear to work every day or a sports watch for the weekend. They provide fair value for the money and are appropriate for the target demographic.

Armitron produces a wide variety of timepieces. Their timepieces are made in China. Mechanical watches, quartz watches, digital watches, and even analog watches are available. Their collection comprises casual, athletic, retro, and luxury-styled timepieces.

There are a ton of possibilities available with Armitron. Because there are so many different Armitron watch models, the build quality varies by model and style.

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History of Armitron Company

In the 1950s, Eugen Gluck created the company that would become Armitron. Gluck was a Jew of Romanian ancestry, and the Holocaust resulted in the persecution of his entire family. Eugen was the lone survivor in his family.

After World War II, Gluck and his wife, Jean, emigrated to the US and established many companies. Before founding the E. Gluck Corporation, the parent business of Armitron watches, in 1956, they ran a bakery. The headquarters of E. Gluck were and are in Little Neck, New York.

Arbitron’s main goal was to provide high-quality watches that were affordable for the average person. Gluck traveled to Switzerland to study watchmaking as much as possible but later turned his attention to quartz-powered timepieces.

The business was in an excellent position before the Quartz Crisis of the 1970s. Armitron watches created one of the first LCD watches, which made sense, given the company’s emphasis on quartz timepieces.

The problem was that when the model didn’t work, Armitron gave back their money to everyone who had purchased one, almost bankrupting the business. But, Armitron recovered by the 1980s and started making millions of watches.

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Why does Armitron watches good?

Dress and Casual Watches

Some brands use stainless steel cases for their formal and casual timepieces, while others use brass cases. These watch’s dial windows consist of mineral crystal and have an analog display.

Armitron’s watches often have leather or stainless steel bands, though fabric bands can also be utilized. Their dress and casual timepieces’ water resistance range from having no water resistance to having 165-foot water resistance.

Sports Watch

Sport watches from Armitron watches are constructed from other watches. These watches have a more durable build and are designed to be worn in various settings. Arbitron’s sports watches are compared to Casio’s G-Shock watch line because both have a similar design and are intended for more strenuous sports.

They either have digital or analog-digital screens on their sports watches. They have acrylic dial panes and resin cases. The bands will often be made of nylon or plastic. Meanwhile, the sports watches from Armitron have water resistance extending to 330 feet.

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Build Quality of Armitron

The quality of an Armitron watch will depend on the sort of Armitron watch you buy, to put it. But, as their sports models are made to withstand various tougher situations, you can’t go wrong with them.

Although it’s difficult to predict how long any given watch would endure, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect the typical Armitron watch to last at least five years.

Design & Fashion

About as many different watch kinds are produced by Armitron watches as there are design and fashion options.

Even while the style isn’t ground-breaking, there are so many possibilities available that you will almost discover something you like if you look through their selections.

Armitron has what you need whether you’re looking for something to wear to work, a party, or a wedding. There are many alternatives with so many different watch types. It comes down to figuring out which Armitron watch best fits the situation.

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 These watches are quite priced, as this text mentioned earlier. Prices for Armitron watches are at the bottom of the range. Some of their watches are so inexpensive that they even qualify as clearance items!

And this is one of the Armitron watches’ most blatant advantages. Generally speaking, this watch brand is so inexpensive that there is little risk in testing one out.

5 famous Armitron watches review

 Five of the best Armitron watches currently on the market are highlighted here. By reading this, you will acquire more knowledge of the brand.

Please comment below if you have any questions about the timepieces I’ve highlighted here, and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

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Men’s Armitron Sport Digital Watch

 This well-liked sports watch is the first in our study of Armitron watches today. It is a rectangular watch with a 13mm-thick, 32mm-wide resin case. The strap is created of resin and has a perforated design. It has a buckle-style clasp to secure it.

 You can check and control features like the alarm, clock, lap timer, dual time function, countdown timer, and more on the LCD. It’s encouraging to note that this model has a 100m water-resistant rating.

Armitron Men’s Multi-function Oversized Watch

 The renowned big face watch from Armitron is up next. The case of this large men’s watch is made of two-tone stainless steel and is 52mm in diameter and 14mm in thickness. Stainless steel also makes up the strap, which has a fold-over push-button clasp for closure.

 The dial has larger, easier-to-read hour markings, hands, and three smaller subdials. These subdials have displays for the day of the week, the date, and the 24-hour time.

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Dress watch by Armitron with Swarovski crystals

 The 33mm diameter and 11mm thickness of the rectangular stainless steel case define this popular and expensive Armitron dress watch.

This watch’s strap is made of stainless steel and coated with stainless steel. It is fastened with a fold-over, dual-release clasp.

The pair of Swarovski crystals that adorn the dial of this men’s Armitron watch is a standout feature. They’ve utilized stylish silver-colored hands that complement this blued dial quite well. The watch is 50m water resistant as well.

Armitron Men’s Stainless Steel Watch

 This gorgeous Armitron watch comes in at number four and has a stainless steel case with a 42mm diameter and 10mm thickness. A fold-over push-release clasp is used to secure the strap, which is also constructed of stainless steel.

Three subdials show a 24-hour timer, the date, and the day of the week.

 For other scratch and shatter protection, mineral crystal glass lenses are used. The watch is 50m water resistant as well.

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Armitron Skeleton Automatic Watch

 The stainless steel casing of the Armitron watches has a 42mm diameter and a 13mm thickness. Stainless steel fold-over double push release clasp is used to secure the strap.

 The watch is easy to read because you can see a significant part of the automatic movement in action, and the golden hour markers and hands stand out very.

 A self-winding automatic movement-activated by your arm’s movement powers this watch. The back of the watch has an exhibition case through which you can see the movement in action.

A mineral crystal lens that has been strengthened for improved scratch and shatters resistance guards the front and back. The 50m water-resistant rating applies to this Armitron skeleton watch.

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How Does An Armitron Watches Change The Time?

Once more, we have discovered how to adjust the time on your Armitron watch. This is how you do it:

  • First, press down the RESET button on the top left until the seconds begin to flash.
  • To reset seconds to 0, use the ST/STP button in the upper right corner.
  • You must now press the MODE button in the bottom left corner to switch to hours.
  • Press ST/STP to set your timing and advance the hour.

You’ve finished setting the time, too! To go back to the time and date screen, you now need to press MODE three times.

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That Armitron watches is a reputable company that creates high-quality timepieces priced after considering all these variables. Again, the quality will differ depending on the type and design of the watch, but Armitron is an excellent option for a watch company.

The many alternatives and stylish styles Armitron watches offer are the best watch features. Nothing particularly revolutionary, yet the majority of its offers are good. Although other manufacturers like Timex and Casio compete at this price bracket, the value offer is strong.

So, that was all about is Armitron a good watch. We have covered all your inquiries about the brand.

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How durable are Armitron timepieces?

Since Armitron watches are so strong, you can expect them to last longer than most well-known watch brands. Change the batteries, and your watch will continue functioning even if it stops! Armitron watches last six years, although their durability rises with proper maintenanc. The watch will thus live longer if you ensure more outstanding care.

Is the Armitron watches water resistant?

Yes, the more recent Armitron watches are water resistant. The majority of watches offer 330 feet of water resistance. Swimming, taking a shower, snowboarding, working out, snorkeling, riding a horse, and jet skiing may all be done without worrying about the watch’s damage.

What is an Armitron watch used for?

Like previous Armitron sports watches, this dazzling timepiece is packed with functions. This one has a date-date function also to the standard Armitron functions of hours, minutes, and seconds. Besides, it has military time, a clock, a lap timer, an alarm, and a backlight.

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