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Our reaching message is simple – Time is personal.

In this modern era of massive growth and haste, one should better control their time. Nowadays, people use cell phones to check the time, but it’s not convenient for pilots, soldiers, or students at times and places. Either giving an exam or going for an interview, everyone needs to consider time and a watch is a perfect asset.

In this era of growth and development, we know there are many companies making watches, and there are many good ones. In this article today, we will be discussing the Armitron Watch. Is it a good watch? Is it worth spending? Read along to find out more?

Armitron Company: 

This company was built In 1950″ by a man named Eugen Gluck, a Romanian boom Jew. The company provides watches at cheap rates for those who cannot afford higher prices pieces. Now when it comes to more affordable rates it a question of sound quality arises. 

The company’s primary goal was to create stunning timepieces in design, style, and quality. It was more of an effort to create something that ordinary people could afford and be satisfied with. The company also makes elegant fashion watches for both men and women. Armitron timepieces may not be on top of specifications, but still, if you’re looking for something that will last and not break, you’ll be satisfied. 

Some Types Of Armitron Watches:

There is a large variety of Armitron Watches. Here are some of the few common ones;

  • Sports Men digital watch
  • Men’s multifunction Oversized watch
  • Men’s dress watch 
  • Stainless steel watch
  • Skeleton automatic watch
  • Quartz watches
  • Women dress watched
  • Solar watches

Pros and Cons of Armitron Watches:

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages in life. Nothing’s perfect. The same is the case with watches. Here you’ll read some pros and cons of Armitron watches:


  • Functionality 
  • Availability 
  • Value


The main focus has always been the functionality of cheap watches. Most watches Armitron Watches offer the five major features: hours, minutes, seconds, date, and day. The aim is to provide much value to the product for customer satisfaction.


Armitron Watches are attainable almost everywhere. Departmental stores, pharmacies, and drugstores keep them due to their low prices and good quality. If you love Armitron Watches, you can get them in all remote locations.


The most fantastic thing about these watches is their value. Their pricing is so moderate almost anyone can buy them. That means your getting a fully applicable sport or dress watch with a water resistance feature. Most watches start from 20$, and the maximum goes to 75$ or 250$. That means if it ever breaks, you can always go and buy a new one from anywhere.


  • Size
  • Styling
  • Quality


Now, most of these watches range from 50mm, which is too big for a guy’s watch, and 40mm in the women’s sector. Either way, it may cause some comfort trouble, depending on your wrist size.


For the record, Armitron watches are not pretty to look at. Most of them look like shocks, and then the size is too big for a regular watch. And then there is the factor of color. Most people cannot put together an outfit with too many bright red, blue, and black shades. So technically, it’s a fashion disaster.


According to all the features mentioned earlier, it may be hard to process, but the quality of the watch is quite decent and reasonable. Sure, they use the material for the case and screen, but comparing their price and time of use is pretty promising.

So that proves that for average daily use, Armitron watches are impressive.


All Armitron watches range from 20$ to 100$. This means either you’re a college student or a working professional, you can buy these watches for low cost, and if they are, you can always buy a new one without losing capital.

Timekeeping rules:

These timepieces are explicit. In the case of accuracy, there is no doubt. Most watches are digital, so there isn’t a problem. Some models contain added features that increase their durability. Especially the chronograph watch.


Armitron produces plenty of watches with several models and designs. All watches have almost the same features, only a few differences in design and buttons, but overall it’s the same. It includes several features as daytime date and alarm. But for the first time use, the user has to input the current time and date. 

Follow the given below steps to set up a new watch for use:

Step 1:

First of all, you have to locate the buttons on your watch, mode, adjust and alarm. Now press the mode button several times until you see the option of Adjust time. Now enter the recent time.

Step 2:  

Now press the Alarm button and then the mode button to toggle the time between 12 hours and 24 hours. After selecting release the alarm button to confirm your setting.

Step 3: 

Now, press the alarm button to reset settings to zero and press the adjust button for the minutes setting. Now press the changes button to set hours and the alarm button to input setting. You can either keep pushing the alarm button repeatedly to set minutes, or you can just long-press the button and scroll the digits to the required one.

Step 4: 

After setting everything, press the mode button to see your settings.


Armitron solar watches are exceptional and one of a kind. You can wear them on road trips and during the day in your or office. It works Amazingly. No fuss over the battery dying and no winding problems. It’s technically a lifesaver.

  • The stainless steel watch :

This analog watch is perfect for regular wear. You can practically wear it anywhere from the office to college to formal functions. It has a dial that displays the date and month so that you don’t miss out on life occurrences in everyday hustle. 

  • The stainless steel lasts no bracelet :

This watch looks great with suits and has a water resistance of 50m. Now, this timepiece is exceptionally decent for vacations and beaches. It has both chronometer and calendar features inaugurated. 

  • Solar power analog watch:

Now, this is the kind of watch a person could wear anywhere. It has a casual look and a strong case which means t can resist pressure. It’s also water-resistant. Plus, it’s got a long go and doesn’t shut down soon. It has a nylon strap and a perfectly comfortable fit. It’s just the right size, neither too big nor too small. It absorbs sunlight so that you can see time at night in the dark. 


 I think it’s safe to say that the Armitron Watches are good watches from the facts mentioned earlier. Not only are they reasonable in price but also they are maintaining a good reputation n the quality of the product. They are available in the lowest range for anyone. Plus, it offers a wide variety of watches for both men and women in different colors and designs. They are comfortable and convenient to wear.



Armitron Watch Brand Review – Are They Good Quality Watches?

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