Is INVICTA A Good Watch Brand?

INVICTA is a company that produces wristwatches. Therefore it doesn’t need to be introduced. They blend a top-notch design with appealing models and designs that most watch lovers adore wearing on their wrists.

Not all brands style their watches with Swiss styles at this time when quartz watches are popular.

Invicta adheres to its tradition, which dates back more than a century, and incorporates contemporary trends appealing to this generation into the watches it produces.

With Invicta watches, you may enjoy wearing a high-quality watch without breaking the budget. The low rates and yearly reductions have kept all their consumers happy.

In this essay, I’ll focus on whether it is Invicta’s good watch brand and address the most common queries people have about it.

History of INVICTA brand 

The history of Invicta watches quite long. The history of Invicta, however, lacks any notable benchmarks compared to other companies with a comparable lineage, such as the American watchmaker Bulova or another Swiss brand, Tissot.

Raphael Picard, a brilliant Swiss watchmaker, established the business in 1837. Invicta is a Latin word that means “Invincible,” which is how he came up with the idea for the company name. You’ll discover later whether it lives up to its moniker or not.

Invicta has grown steadily since its founding. The company was among the most prosperous Swiss watchmakers for about 150 years. Until the second part of the 20th century, when the entire business had a major shock and was essentially flipped upside down, everything was peachy. Here, I refer to the Quartz Crisis of the 1970s, which was brought on by the Japanese conglomerate Seiko’s introduction of the world’s first battery-powered watch.

Invicta lived in survival mode from the start of the new trend in the industry until 1991, a period of almost two decades. A group of American investors finalized a takeover of the business in the summer of 1991, saving the then-Swiss watchmaker. The firm decided to shift its aim in response to this movement and produce similarly reliable quartz wristwatches, but this time at prices that were accessible to everyone.

Is INVICTA a good watch brand?

Invicta has established itself as a company that isn’t afraid to face difficult challenges and conquer them in a way that distinguishes them from other watch brands throughout its history.

When Quartz watches arrived, they were marketed as a Swiss watch brand, but this swiftly changed.

They started manufacturing Quartz watches at shockingly low prices and selling them. Most of their products are made in China, which explains their inexpensive prices. Additionally, Invicta produced watches with entirely Swiss movements. However, these are the priciest ones.

Invicta watches have become more affordable as their quality has declined, which is why people find them so interesting to criticize.


The first and most important thing to consider is the caliber of their timepieces. Each watch from Invicta comes in various pricing ranges and is well worth the investment.

Invicta watches are manufactured of high-quality materials, even though their quality is usually questioned due to a lack of quality assurances.

High-quality stainless steel is used to make the majority of Invicta watches. Their dials are scratch-resistant, thanks to sapphire crystal and mineral glass. Some will have a window for “flame fusion.” Flame fusion dial windows are supposed to combine the strengths of sapphire and minerals to produce a strong dial window.

A large percentage of Invicta watches also have screw-down case backs. This is especially true for individuals who plan to use their watch while swimming. The same principle holds for screw-down crowns that improve water resistance.

Finally, there are numerous water-resistant variations on offer. Some will be 30 meters water resistant, while others, like Pro divers, are 300 meters water resistant.

Fashion & Design

Undoubtedly, Invicta offers a wide choice of lovely styles that appeal to a diverse group of people. It’s nearly impossible not to discover a design you like with the available choices.

Although Invicta is most recognized for its diving watches, they have produced a variety of designs. While some designs are straightforward and plain, others are more striking. They favor more fashionable designs. Even the various color schemes used in their watches produce fairly appealing aesthetics.

There are a couple of skeletonized watches in their inventory if you’re looking for something unusual. With their assortment of designs and color schemes, they have a watch for almost every kind of buyer. People looking for something truly distinctive should be drawn to Invicta watches because of their eye-catching designs.

Movement & Accuracy

Invicta was originally a Swiss watch company, but it later switched its focus to making Quartz watches as the popularity of the Quartz watch movement increased. Invicta now produces both automatic and quartz timepieces.

Invicta uses well-known Swiss or Japanese movements that are dependable and accurate rather than making their movements like some larger watch brands.

Additionally, reputable businesses supply most of the calibers used in Invicta clocks. The majority of timepieces made in Japan feature Miyota or Seiko movements. In addition, several of the Swiss-made watches in the collection employ Sellita, ETA, and Ronda calibers.


Invicta watches aren’t all that expensive, as was previously mentioned. Even their most costly watches are less expensive than most entry-level luxury watches. No matter where you purchase them, Invicta watches are always in the low to low-medium price range.

You won’t find fine Swiss quartz or automated clock anywhere else for less than $100.

On the other hand, the costliest Invicta watches can cost upwards of $1,000 and have dependable Swiss automatic chronograph movements. On the other hand, most watches are incredibly cheap, with the entry-level versions costing as little as $40.

Therefore, Invicta is without a doubt the top low-cost watch brand available.

How durable are INVICTA watches?

A typical Invicta watch has a lifespan of no less than two years and no more than four years under extreme conditions. The watch would not necessarily stop working after four years, however.

The lifespan of an Invicta watch is expected to be impacted by extreme conditions like crashes, moisture exposure, and continuous wear. An Invicta watch can be worn and cherished for more than five years with regular use.

There is a five-year warranty on each Invicta watch. When the watch breaks or the movement malfunctions, the warranty covers repairs. Additionally, the guarantee covers issues with the watch’s components.

The guarantee does not cover scratches that result from normal wear and tear, and the same is true for watchband scratches. You can go to any authorized retailer for a warranty repair. To acquire a pick-up schedule, you must present your warranty card and receipt.

It takes about 90 days from approval to the end of the repair. This occurs because the watch is given to an expert artisan to complete the repair.

INVICTA Compression with another brand

Citizen Vs. INVICTA

This time, Citizen and Invicta watches will be compared. While not always dependable, Invicta watches tend to be a little more fashionable and affordable than Citizen watches. Another bonus is that they produce excellent diving watches.

I realize that many individuals have in the past expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of Invicta watches, yet these timepieces constantly receive positive evaluations. They may now have better quality control.

Also, remember that other aspects can be used to assess a brand’s value. As I just said, you must eventually choose the brand that best meets your demands. Citizen has arguably higher-quality parts and movements than Invicta, which also makes excellent diving watches.

Rolex vs. INVICTA

Invicta and Rolex are fundamentally dissimilar businesses and brands that cater to radically dissimilar markets. On the one hand, Rolex epitomizes the word “luxury.” Their primary goal is to offer a limited-edition product, supported by nearly $50 million in annual marketing with the slogan “luxury and exclusivity.”

In contrast, Invicta employs the opposite strategy, making their timepieces as accessible and affordable as possible rather than raising costs as high as possible and limiting the number of customers.


We expect that after reading this post, you will know more about the issue of whether it is Invicta a good watch brand.

All watch enthusiasts can find a wide selection of cheap timepieces from Invicta. Their timepieces are renowned for their outstanding designs, exact movements, and affordable costs.

The fact that they are fairly priced is the only thing that makes them special. Without question, Invicta is providing you with a lot more value.

In addition, Invicta is a bad business because of its inconsistent quality. Additionally, the business has struggled to establish a stable reputation, and the inexpensive prices of its timepieces raise questions about their quality.


Why Buy an INVICTA Watch?

There are countless advantages to having an Invicta timepiece. Among them are:
1. Their timepieces look high-end, first and foremost.
2. Another significant plus is the large variety of styles and designs.
3. They come in a wide range of pricing ranges, from affordable to pricy.
4. Their items last for a long time.

Do INVICTA timepieces have a high standard?

You might find it interesting that the watches are made with excellent designs and sturdy materials to last as long as possible.

Why are INVICTA timepieces unique?

Swiss technology was used in producing these watches, which is why Invicta watches are unique. Another reason is the continued visibility of Invicta watches in the internet watch industry.

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