How To Remove Scratches From Watch Metal?

Your heart breaks when you notice scratches on the metal watch case, especially if you spent a lot of money on the timepieces. You can practically feel the anguish of the scratches. The good news is that you don’t have to let that discomfort stay and reawaken each time you check your watch.

As a gold or titanium watch, a metal watch is susceptible to scratches. The watch crystal can also get scratched in addition to the metal. There are many kinds of scratches, including shallow gouges and light to moderate scratches. A high-quality metal polish will most likely be able to erase light to moderate scratches. Continue to read how to remove scratches from watch metal?

How to Remove Scratches from Watch Metal?

It is crucial to become familiar with the cleaning agent used to remove mild scratches from metal watches because there are many different ways to remove moderate scratches from metal watches.

When it comes to erasing scratches off metal watches, a few different things work well. Numerous natural cleaning and scratch-removal products are effective on stainless steel watches. Learn how to remove scratches from watch metal by simply following the steps below!

Using a jeweler’s cloth for cleaning

On one side of the jeweler’s cloth is powder. When used on metal, this powder may effectively remove small scratches. The final surface cleaning is performed using the clean side of the jeweler’s cloth.

How to use jewelers’ cloth

Apply a jeweler’s cloth with the powdered side to the scratches.

Rub it until the scratches are gone, and then use the jeweler’s cloth’s other side to make any last-minute adjustments.

These polishing cloths are also known as pioneer or shine cloths and are used by jewelers. The red polishing powder is what is on the cloth used by the jeweler. The jeweler’s cloth has several purposes.

It can be used to clean watches made of titanium, gold, and silver. There are some washable jeweler’s cloth options available. The only tool required for this procedure is your elbow grease.

You can use never-dull if your watch has significant scratches. A cotton cloth with a potent cleanser is the never-dull. Deep scratches respond very well to it. The never-dull will produce a polishing compound-like odor.

With a jeweler’s cloth and a fiberglass brush, you may get rid of a few scratches on a tiny area. The fiberglass brush will have glass fibers and resemble a mechanical pencil. Scratches must be removed by rubbing the glass fiber tip on the corners.

Using a metal polisher to clean

A metal sander is an excellent tool for metal polish. It is possible to utilize a metal polish like the Brasso metal polisher. You’ll need a soft cotton cloth and a metal polisher to work on scratches.

Metal Polisher Steps

  • Take the best metal polisher, and carefully follow all the instructions.
  • Take a soft cotton cloth in one hand and a metal watch in the other.
  • After that, use a small circular motion to buff the scratches.
  • Rub until the scratches are gone.
  • After finishing one side, switch to the other and begin rubbing.
  • On the dial, you might also use a metal polisher.
  • When you’re finished, wipe away any extra with a fresh cotton cloth.

Use an applicator sponge to gently rub the metal polisher over the scratches. A soft cloth is another excellent choice, although it can get soiled quickly. A metal polisher is occasionally available with the applicator sponge.

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Combine Rubbing Alcohol With A Gentle Detergent

Some manufacturers advise washing metal watches with water, a light detergent, and rubbing alcohol to erase scratches. It is an excellent method for cleaning spots from metal timepieces.

Rubbing alcohol will assist in dislodging any dirt that may be lodged inside your watch. Use this cleaning technique on your metal watch by following the procedures listed below.

Steps for Using Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Scratches

  • Place your watch in a plastic bag and combine rubbing alcohol, water, and a little detergent.
  • Ensure that the watch is immersed in the solution for at least 15 minutes.
  • Take your watch out of the bag and give it a quick 15-minute rinse in lukewarm water.
  • You can use this technique on a water-resistant metal watch because the water and detergents are gentle. Scratches on metal watches can be removed safely with this technique.

How to Avoid Scratches on Your Watch

On a watch, scratches appear minor flaws, but they can cause significant problems. Spending hundreds of dollars on a watch that is easily scratched or broken is the last thing you want to do. Various techniques prevent scratches on your watch, extending its lifespan.

Observant Storage

Your watch will get fewer scratches if you store it in a cabinet or soft cloth-lined box. When not in use, keep your watch secure and out of the way so people won’t bump into it.

Purchase a watch winder

Get a watch winder if you own several pricey watches. You can wear watches every day without worrying about their getting scratched since winders maintain the watch wound.

Wrist Consciousness

You need to know where your wrist is if you possess a watch, especially if you wear one. Keep your watch locked up in a drawer with other valuables while not wearing it. If you must leave the house, take it with you. If not, give it to someone else to manage and, if they choose, wear.

Maintain Good Hand Hygiene

When handling timepieces, put on gloves, and wash your hands with soap and water carefully after each handling. Try washing your hands in cool water if you have sweaty palms. Never use wet hands to touch a watch face. The watch will acquire a mark and turn discolored as a result.

How to Polish Metal Watches

You have a few options when it comes to polishing metal watch casings. Sandpaper or aluminum polish can be used to polish metal. Both of these techniques effectively remove scratches from your watch and bring back its former brilliance.

Polish With sandpaper

Sandpaper is another tool you can use to fix scratches on your watch. For rapid and effective scratch removal on metal watches, use sandpaper.

Steps for using sandpaper to polish a watch

  • Rub your watch’s surface lightly with 1500-grit sandpaper.
  • Refrain from rubbing the surface so firmly that you remove the brush finish or leave behind fresh scratches.
  • With a cloth, remove the sandpaper compound leftovers.
  • Apply an ointment that is intended to shield your watch from scratches after that.

Apply Aluminum Polish

Sandpaper is less efficient than aluminum polish. It can also help polish metal surfaces that have scratches. The scratches may lower your watch’s value. It helps to remove scuffs and bring back the sheen of your metal timepiece.

How to Polish Aluminum Steps

  • Remove the watch first from a flat surface.
  • Use a soft cloth to remove any dust from the watch’s casing.
  • After that, polish your watch with a delicate cotton applicator pad.
  • Allow it to dry for at least 30 minutes after giving it a little rub on both sides of the watch case.
  • You can clean any lingering particles from the watch’s case with a delicate, moist cloth after the metal timepiece and time-lapse.

On occasion, the surface may still have aluminum polish on it. You can get rid of it by wiping it with a gentle dry towel or a soft cloth.

One can get aluminum polish at a hardware store. You’ll need an ointment to prevent scratches on the metal surface if you wish to apply one to your watch.

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Can toothpaste be used to remove metal scratches?

The greatest way to fix tiny scratches on metal is, in fact, toothpaste. Use whitening toothpaste, which is slightly abrasive and useful for removing scratches. However, you should attempt other remedies for deep scratches.

What sort of toothpaste gets rid of scratches?

The only product that works well to clean or remove scratches on watches is whitening toothpaste. The whitening toothpaste is slightly more abrasive than other toothpaste.

How can you remove scuffs off a watch?

You can remove scratches from your watch using an abrasive instrument or some toothpaste. To ensure the scratches are gone, wipe your case with gentle soap and water after removing the marks. Then, apply a protective finish.

Does vinegar eliminate metal scratches?

Yes. Your metal watch can be scratched up easily with vinegar. Use only distilled vinegar; do not use the normal vinegar you have in your refrigerator.


Over time, metal watch casings may become scratched. You can keep your metal watch attractive and functioning for many years by knowing how to remove scratches. Routine cleaning is the easiest way to prevent scratches on your favorite timepiece. It’s time to figure out How To Remove Scratches From Watch Metal . You now know how to use a jeweler’s cloth and metal polisher to properly remove scratches from your metal watch.

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