Which Omega Watches Hold Their Value?

Do you intend to purchase your first omega watch? Or are you wanting to expand your current collection with another one? If so, you might wonder which omega watch makes for the finest investment or which omega watches hold their value. The good thing is that you have various options when looking for a reliable investment made by Omega. The omega Speedmaster watch, commonly known as the moonwatch, and the Seamaster professional 300m are popular models that are excellent investments.

The value and cost of any object, such as a well-known watch brand, are significant when discussing it. When the watch is more expensive, it becomes even more crucial. A new product’s price drops after you buy it is nothing new. Not distant from this element are watches.

The value of omega watches depends on several variables. Except for limited editions, Omega watches typically lose value when purchased at retail prices. The watch’s value may decrease by 20% to 40% in the first year. The worth also depends on the model, how much you bought, how new or used it is, and its popularity. When the watch is a limited edition, collectors, or antique model, there are some exceptions to the rule that it loses value.

Which Omega Watches Hold Their Value?

Omega Seamaster 300m: As Stable As Possible

The following watch on our list is still available; neither a new model nor discontinuation has occurred. The Omega Seamaster 300m prices have not altered as much as the Speedmaster professional pricing, which is not surprising. Does this imply that buying the watch was a mistake? Looking at the many watch collection, you can see how the Seamaster 300m’s cost has gradually increased over the year. Early in 2021, it fared remarkably well, landing just over its 2020 pricing.

The Seamaster combines a stunning modern appearance, first-rate technology, and a price under $6,000—what more could you want in a diving watch? The Seamaster 300m is a great option for new collectors who want a high-quality diver from a reputable company but aren’t willing to pay upwards of $10,000 on a sub. The autonomous design of this model will also appeal to experienced fans. Some people could even decide to buy both! The Omega Seamaster 300m has, in any case, kept its value well over the past year and continues to be a desirable substitute for the submariner.

Speedmaster Omega

The Omega Speedmaster is perhaps the most illustrious and iconic timepiece in the company’s history. The collection has a large audience and is well-known throughout the world. It is a true classic that will always be in demand, making it a fantastic investment.

The Omega Speedmaster moonwatch professional chronograph 42mm is arguably the most significant timepiece for investors. These timepieces have had a significant price hike in recent years, which started with the brand but also spread to the used watch market. Those from before 1968 are proving to be particularly well-liked.

Investors are also showing interest in Omega Speedmaster watches made in the 1970s with stepped dials and watches created in the 1980s and 1990s with luminous dials. Limited edition watches from the company’s Speedmaster line are also in high demand, and this trend is predicted to continue.


Omega Cindy Crawford is one of the many female clients that frequently choose constellation. Constellation’s women’s collection now offers a wide selection of models. You can select from mechanical and quartz models, as well as different case sizes and opulent gem-set variations.

It was released in 1952 and is a part of the omega century limited edition, which celebrates the brand’s 100th anniversary and is preferred for its exceptional precision. In the early versions of its case back, a picture of the geneva observatory in a starry sky was described. Omega chose this particular observatory because, in 1951, the institution’s chronometric experiments attained new levels of accuracy.

This ladies’ omega constellation Manhattan diamond watch has a striking, refined, and timeless design. It undoubtedly evokes the glistening stars in the night sky with its diamond dot hour markers placed on a dial with a black sun-brushed finish. This omega constellation co-axial master chronograph automatic men’s watch proves that the constellation series isn’t just for women; it blends dramatic style with accurate timekeeping. We adore the monotone appearance.

De Ville Omega

The de Ville watches are the newest addition to the omega range. The best 18k red gold components are used in conjunction with leather, stainless steel, and chain. This wristwatch is ideal for individuals who like both conventional and innovative watch mechanisms. It employs a co-axial mechanical movement with a high degree of precision. One of the most avant-gardes watches ever made is this design.

Vintage Omega Watches

Due to its availability in antique and collector edition forms, Vintage Omega timepieces are in high demand. Naturally, they make excellent investments. However, buying a model to turn it into a collectible is conjecture. One such design is the Speedmaster.

Please be aware that this page only discusses recent watches. An omega watch can turn out to be a fantastic investment over time when it becomes vintage, but whether or not it will become collectible is just conjecture.

But when you consider the past, you can see that many omega timepieces, particularly the speedster, have seen significant price growth and proven to be wise investments. It’s difficult to predict how much your omega watch will depreciate over the long term, as this is merely guesswork over the long term. It could even turn out that your watch will appreciate.

The ability to change with the times has been a characteristic that has marked Omega for the past few decades. Omega was among the first swiss companies to adopt the then-new quartz movement technology. As a result, Omega has created an astounding range of watches over the years, and old omega watches can have numerous distinct configurations. Some types are wholly traditional and classic, while others feature distinctive designs representing the period in which they were manufactured.

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Determinants of an omega watch’s value on the market

Supply and demand

Demand and availability are the most important factors in determining the value of omega watches. Like any other watch company, Omega sells its watches through authorized shops. Millions of them are produced each year to meet the huge demand they are currently experiencing. However, they are also fairly plentiful.

Why hunt for them in a resale if they are easily accessible in their stores? A resale will be valuable when a product is out of stock, a limited edition, or a collector’s edition. For brands like Rolex, Richard mile, and others, the demand for particular popular models increases while output is lower. Omega watches’ resale value depends on demand, which might go up or down.

Retail costs for Omega

When omega watches are bought from an authorized merchant and sold on the secondary market, they also lose their resale value. According to omega recommendations, a suggested retail price has been established. This pricing is marked to remain constant throughout the world. Additionally, it is designed to reduce competition among authorized sellers. This will prevent price differences between stores offering steep discounts.

The brand name is important

For expensive and branded timepieces, people don’t mind paying a little bit more. One such well-respected, established, and well-known brand is Omega. The brand name influences its resale value.


Omega timepieces are high-end timepieces. People are waiting for them to offer discounts so that they may afford them. However, a discount may lessen the value of a brand. This causes the price of these watches to drop on the secondary market. A discount can lower the price, while a limited supply, waiting list, scarcity, and other variables might raise the value.

Stunning models

Each clock produced by Omega is unquestionably attractive. Every single one is produced with swiss-style craftsmanship. Additionally, each of their timepieces is built with distinctive qualities that set it apart from the rest of the collection.

Superior engineering

Omega makes certain that their watches will last for a very long period. Because of this, each timepiece undergoes a variety of studies and tests to guarantee its quality. They also employ cutting-edge equipment to ensure the longevity of each watch.


The value of omega watches is influenced by several variables, including age, supply and demand, accessories, and state. Only a select few well-liked models, vintage timepieces, and well-liked limited-edition models retain their value throughout time. So, in the luxury timepieces world, omega watches retain their value rather well.

Which Omega watches that hold their value are the Seamaster and Speedmaster. They will continue to be valuable even in the resale market because of their huge demand. Keep an eye out for function variations, gold variations, dial variations, etc.


What is the best omega movement?

The Omega Speedmaster is usually regarded as Omega’s best and most famous watch, and there are numerous varieties available on the market.

Omega or Tudor, which is superior?

When contrasting Tudor with Omega, one must say that Omega is the more well-known brand in the sector. This is because Omega has a more extensive history, and the fact that Omega is a rival of Rolex and Rolex frequently overshadows Tudor’s name.

Is Omega a luxury timepiece?

Swiss companies longlines and Omega both produce high-end timepieces for customers across the globe. Both are regarded as respectable, dependable brands that can be counted on for watch construction and design.

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