Why are Breitling watches so expensive?

Some of the world’s most abundant and expensive watches are made by Breitling. But why are they so unique? Swiss company Breitling has been producing timepieces since 1884. For both men and women, they have a large selection of watches. And don’t forget to mention the well-known Breitling Navitimer line.

Breitling watch is Swiss-made, include in-house movements in their top models, and give traditional forms a modern, industrial edge. Their timepieces have simple, minimalist designs. They don’t create avant-garde pieces with bizarre shapes or extravagant intricacies; instead, they create timepieces with a classically inspired design but with a contemporary edge.

They typically combine stainless steel with 18-carat yellow/rose gold or platinum to create their watches. Silver, white, black, grey, blue, or green can be seen on their dials. 42 different watch models are produced by Breitling, including the Altitude Tourbillon GMT, Chronomantic Chronograph, and a Chronoscope with a perpetual calendar and a distinctive spinning bezel.

There are numerous reasons why some of the most opulent timepieces, like the Breitling watches, expensive watches. Being created in Switzerland and having the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) certification, which certifies the precision and accuracy of high-precision wristwatches from luxury watch companies, are some of the benefits.

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Follow along as we investigate Why Breitling watches so Expensive?

Why Are Breitling Watches So Expensive?

Breitling watches are pricey because of their performance, functionality, exclusivity,  and style. Each watch produced by Breitling uses premium components and cutting-edge chronograph technology. Let’s examine the main reasons Breitling timepieces are so pricey.


Breitling watch is distinctive due to it’s identifiable style and striking appearance. Each collection has a unique style, from Outer known to their Top Time, Ford Mustang watches. Breitling is renowned for working with several brands, like Bentley, Ford, and Triumph, to produce timepieces representative of their respective business.

For instance, the Breitling Super Chronomat watches represent luxury, while the Deus series is distinctive for its gritty character. Even sports watches with more utilitarian yet exquisite styling, like the Endurance Pro, are made by Breitling. Breitling watches come in various styles and colors while maintaining their high-end appeal.

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Gold, titanium, quartz, and stainless steel are the most sought-after watch materials. Breitling is a favorite among watch enthusiasts because they use high-quality, long-lasting materials. Every Breitling watch has sapphire crystals, which elevate any timepiece to the highest level.

Glass made of the sapphire crystal is glare- and scratch-proof. Breitling also creates high-quality interchangeable leather and rubber straps for their watches. From the gears and watch face to the strap, Breitling watches are the epitome of elegance.

In addition, you should be aware that the watches are waterproof up to 2,000 meters. Therefore, divers and other individuals looking for a water-resistant watch can use each watch.

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Breitling watches are experts in mechanical clocks and have helped advance watch technology throughout history.

Breitling created a name in the watch industry in the 1980s with innovations like the two push-pieces at the two and four o’clock positions for stopping the stopwatch and the first self-winding or automatic mechanical watch.

Breitling watch is also a luxury watch and proud to provide high-performance, in-house movements with simple controls. The timepiece company invented dual-time and global systems.

With the movement of Super Quartz, Breitling watches also created electronic timepieces. This movement is ten times more accurate than other regular quartz movements on the watch market.

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Due to the effort put into them, Breitling watches are expensive. The Colt Skyracer, which costs $2,000, is the least expensive Breitling timepiece. Few are available on the market because they aren’t mass-produced as frequently as a company like Fossil.

Companies like Timex and Bulova make great watches because they are also some luxury watch brands, but you can easily find them. Breitling sells its timepieces to affluent customers and makes fewer watches overall. James Bond wore a Breitling watch in the movie Thunderball, which only served to boost its exclusivity.

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Breitling watches have that upscale appeal

Breitling’s exclusivity is another factor in its high price because it is less well-known than other mid-range (but still top-notch) watch brands. It is impossible to undervalue the value of such exclusivity because it lends brands like Breitling a certain market appeal, particularly among watch enthusiasts. Another element that raises the market value of Breitling watches is that not everyone can afford a watch like one made by Breitling, making it even more alluring.

Breitling has also worked with several other businesses to create beautiful limited-edition timepieces. These watches are limited edition and have special features not generally found in Breitling luxury watches.

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Watches made by Breitling are made with years of experience. The case, dial, hands, crystal, and bracelets are all constructed from premium materials and polished to a standard unique to the Breitling brand.

Breitling casings are grade two titanium or 316L antimagnetic stainless steel alloy. These are made to resist the toughest assignments that a professional might face. Maximum impact and heavy use protection is offered in these cases.

On the other hand, the dials are meticulously handled for a chic design. These are made of brass plates that have been designed and polished before being colored using electroplating or lacquer.

Brass hands that are painstakingly crafted to satisfy Breitling standards are used. As the visual indications of Breitling’s chronographs and wrist instruments, mastering the technique for Breitling hands is the most important aspect of crafting.

All Breitling chronographs and wristwatches employ sapphire crystals that are glare-proof. This approach maximizes readability under any circumstance.

Using glare proofing, Breitling removes 99% of reflections that can be visible to the naked eye. The second most complex stone after diamonds is sapphire. Breitling crystals are guaranteed to last even in the worst conditions.

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Models of Breitling watches

The timepieces’ Ottoman-era design is well known. It makes sense that they are marketed primarily to men as the models are all quite masculine. You should be aware that the watch company also makes different styles that appeal to both men and women.

The watches are attractive but also include many distinctive and remarkable characteristics. For instance, each watch is incredibly precise and accurate while still reasonably priced. These high standards result in some of the best craftsmanship in the sector.

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Breitling vs. Rolex: Which is superior?

In terms of performance, Breitling is comparable to Rolex watche, but not in terms of brand recognition. The most recognizable Swiss watch brand is Rolex, while Breitling comes in at number fifteen. The least expensive Breitling costs $2,000, while the least expensive Rolex watch costs $6,000.

Breitling is a leader in chronograph technology. Additionally, more Breitling watches are available than Rolex watches, which significantly devalues the former. Both brands demonstrate their faith in their high-end watches by providing a 5-year warranty.

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Are Breitling watches viewed as luxury watches?

Prestigious firm Breitling belongs to the realm of high-end watches. Their status was bolstered by their exorbitant cost, robust construction, and celebrity status. Breitling watches are proudly worn by famous people like Kelly Slater and John Travolta.

Luxury watch is defined as “extremely affluent, pleasant, and comfortable surroundings” by sources like Merriam-Webster. Their high price makes them desirable, so Breitling watches are only accessible to the wealthy. Breitling watches give the impression that you can afford to buy something constructed of the highest quality materials.

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Do Breitling watch gain value with time?

Breitling watches appreciate in value and typically fetch thousands more when sold secondhand. For instance, versions of watches like the 43mm Breitling Navitimer B01 might sell for $11,390 instead of the $6,300 they originally cost. Along with Rolex and Omega, Breitling is regarded as one of the top watch brands to see value growth.

The value of a used Breitling watch in pristine condition rises by 25%. However, if the watch was made before the 2000s, its value may rise by as much as 40%. Compared to brands like Rolex, Breitling watches typically appreciate, but not quite as much.

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As a result, it is impossible to give a single, conclusive explanation for why Breitling watches are so expensive because there are several contributing elements. Even though Breitling watches are expensive, they provide exceptional value. Breitling watches are made to survive the most demanding situations that aviation, police, and emergency professionals may encounter, thanks to their upscale look and smart design.

Breitling watches are renowned for having complex chronograph technology. Thunderball and other films like it helped to reaffirm Breitling’s position as a premium watch company. Breitling watches can grow in value by 10% to 40%, depending on the condition and the year of manufacture.

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What makes Breitling watches so unique?

Breitling watches, one of the world’s top producers of high-end watches, is renowned for its exceptionally precise and high-quality timepieces. The “Made by Breitling” mark means rigorous quality control, the best materials, and unwavering testing. It represents more than a century of know-how and classic designs.

Do Breitling watches come in several models?

Swiss watchmaker Breitling watches is known for producing extremely dependable models of professional and aviation watches. All Breitling timepieces are created in Switzerland using Swiss materials.

Do Breitling timepieces sweep or tick?

The second’s hands on Breitling watches move with a mechanical movement’s characteristic and consistent tick. The majority of fakes will move continuously because they are automatic.

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